The free, strong photo editor and camera software is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It empowers you to capture and edit beautiful pictures in your photography.

Photo editing is made simple with easy-to-use image editing software such as sliders or philtres for photographs. Retouch full-resolution pictures, add photo philtres, or start editing your photos wherever you are.

Edit Your photos Anywhere 

  • Transform raw images with one of the most intuitive applications for photo editing in the world. To boost light and colour, simply tap and drag sliders, add picture philtres for images, and more. With those leading photography tools, breathe life into your photo editing.
  • Retouch colours and light on pictures to make them pop. Easy-to-use sliders give you power over the features of your pictures, even on the screen of your phone.
  • The Crop and Rotate tools allow you to find the size and aspect ratio to better demonstrate the function of your camera.
  • By changing the perspective of your picture with powerful upright, driven upright, and Geometry slider tools, you build super clean shots with straight lines. To compare various edits without sacrificing the original and select your favourite look, play with versions of images.
  • Access all your presets anywhere. Edits of images on one computer are implemented anywhere else automatically.


  • The advanced photo editor lets you fine-tune the information.
  • Via selective adjustments take control of your image. Use a touch of Healing Brush to remove almost everything from your frame. Local Hue Changes as part of selective edits mean that you can also specifically modify the hue and saturation to make your images come alive.
  • Get inspired by immersive tutorials and learn how by completing step-by – step lessons curated by fellow photographers to use the photo editor to its full potential.


  • Make skilled photo editing faster with presets-filters for unlimited pictures Options to customise. Presets make every photo editing step obvious, so you can learn how to do it yourself.
  • Be an even more imaginative editor of the pictures. Combine presets to seamlessly replicate your favourite photo effects with just one click per time.


  • Special phone camera controls unlock your ability in photography. Choose from exposure, timer, presets for instant, raw, and more. Enjoy more power over your on-the-go photography using capture modes like Professional and HDR.


  • The power of AI to tag and arrange your images based on the objects or individuals in them is harnessed by Adobe Sensei. All the appropriate images will be shown in a simple search for ‘mountains’ or ‘Maria’.
  • To mark and group the images you like best, use useful organising resources such as ratings and flags.


  • Community Albums allow you to invite others and collect photographs of everyone in one location. In the Explore area of the app, share your creative process with other users so they can see how you are getting from start to finish. Galleries of Lightroom display your pictures online. Image edits synchronously so any changes you make are always up to date


  • The Lightroom image editor for photography lovers is the best cloud-based service.
  • Retouch your shots in high resolution, and backed up to the cloud with both originals and edits, ready to view anywhere.
  • It automatically applies searchable keywords to help you sort images without marking them.

Adobe Lightroom [ Mod ] – Technical info

Before you start Download Adobe Lightroom [mod] APK , you can read the info below:

• Full App Name: Adobe Lightroom

• Android Versions supported: 4.4 and up

• APK File Name: Adobe Lightroom [Mod]

• APK Size: 89 MB