Within seconds, Shazam will recognise any song. Discover bands, lyrics, videos and playlists, all free of charge. It instals and counts over 1 billion.

Shazam’s a magical software”-Techradar.com (http:/techradar.com/)

Shazam is a presents … A Game Changer-interview “with Pharrell Williams, GQ

Why do you like it?

  • Discover every song’s name in seconds.
  • Listen and add playlists to Apple Music, or Spotify.
  • Follow the time-synced lyrics as well.
  • Watch your Apple Music or YouTube music videos.
  • Brand new! Enable Shazam the Dark Theme.

SHAZAM Everywhere, AT NOW

  • Using Shazam pop-up to recognise the music in every application-Instagram , Twitter, TikTok
  • No connexion ? No problem. No problem. When offline, Shazam
  • Switch on Auto Shazam to continue to find songs even though you’re off the app.
  • ELSE, what?
  • With Shazam charts, find out what is popular in your country or region.
  • To explore new tracks, get recommended songs and playlists.
  • Open any song on Spotify , Apple Music or Google Play Music directly.
  • Share songs via Snapchat , Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram , Twitter and more with friends.

Shazam [ Mod ] – Technical info

Before you start Download Shazam [mod] APK , you can read the info below:
• Full App Name: Shazam
• Android Versions supported: 4.4 and up
• APK File Name: Shazam Mod
• APK Size: 18 MB