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10 new apps for Android in recent weeks that you shouldn’t overlook

These 10 free apps have recently arrived on Google Play and they are very worth it, go ahead and try them!

10 new apps for Android in recent weeks that you shouldn't overlook
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Every week they land on the Google Play Store a wide range of free apps all types and so that you don’t have to bother trying them all to check which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t, every seven days We select the best and bring them to you so you can try them and so you can decide if you leave them installed on your mobile or if you delete them.

Without further ado, we will detail the 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived at the store Google throughout the last few weeks.

QR code scanner and launcher

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use QR code scanner, you should give QR Code Scanner & Launcher a try, a practical tool thanks to which you will be able to scan any QR from the home screen of your mobile and consult the history of all the codes you have scanned with it.

QR code scanner and launcher a totally free app with ads which you can download through the direct link to Google Play that we leave you below these lines.

Download free QR code scanner and launcher

Video recorder with hidden camera

Hidden Camera Video Recorder is a free application that turns your device into a hidden camera, as it allows you record videos with the rear or front camera when the app is in the background without showing a preview of what you are recording.

This application is very easy to use and has a wide variety of functions such as start or stop video recording with one touch, schedule your recordings, record a video during a phone callShare a recorded video or delete it or record your videos with different camera effects.

Free Download Hidden Camera Video Recorder

Flashlight Home Launcher

Flashlight Home Launcher is an application created by the same developers as QR Code Scanner & Launcher thanks to which you will be able have direct access to the mobile flashlight on the mobile home screen.

But that’s not all, because, in addition to allowing you to always have a powerful flashlight at hand, this app also includes a compass so you don’t get lost when you are outdoors and an emergency alert service so you can ask for help when you need it.

Free Download Flashlight Home Launcher

Trinet VPN Socks

Trinet Socks VPN is a free VPN client for Android that offers you a stable connection through high-speed serversbypass filters and different tunneling protocols to protect your connection.

Trinet Socks VPN does not require an account to use, It is compatible with different VPN protocols such as SSH, SSL or WebSocket, it has no speed or bandwidth limit and automatically reconnects if disconnected for any reason.

Free Download Trinet Socks VPN

ChatLikePro – Powered by AI

ChatLikePro a powerful AI chatbot for Android that is based on the GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 APIs and is responsible for resolving all your doubts quickly and accurately.

This free app allows you regenerate answers, edit previous questions, access all AI generated answers and consult your past queries thanks to its history function.

Free Download ChatLikePro – Powered by AI


NoteKedr is a simple notes application for Android with which you will be able to capture your thoughts, write down important information, organize your daily life and make your shopping list in a really simple way, since this app has a simple and intuitive interface that you will adapt to almost instantly.

NoteKedr is a completely free app, without ads or in-app purchaseswhich you can download through the link to the Play Store that we leave you below.

Download NoteKedr for free

Swoove Studio – 3D Animation

Swoove Studio is an interesting free application that will allow you create your own videos with 3D animations in an easy and fast wayeven if you have never created a video of this type.

Among the most notable features of this app we must highlight a facial tracking function that is responsible for following your face and recording your voicea movement editor with which you can create your own and an option that allows you add special effects, sound effects and all kinds of filters.

Free download Swoove Studio – 3D Animation


If you have been looking for a simple and functional calculator app for a long time you have to try NumCraft, a free application that has an intuitive interface very easy to handle and only has the basic functions to perform mathematical operations.

Download NumCraft for free

Puff Tracker: Statistics/Exit Vape

10 new apps for Android in recent weeks that you shouldn't overlook

Puff Tracker: Statistics/Exit Vape

Puff Tracker is a simple and practical tool with which you will be able to monitor and control your vaper consumption, since this app allows you Track your daily puffs, check your hourly puffs, and set daily vaping goals.among other options.

Puff Tracker is a completely free application with ads and in-app purchases that range between 1.19 euros and 11.99 euros.

Free Download Puff Tracker: Stats/Quit Vape

Personalized daily horoscope

10 new apps for Android in recent weeks that you shouldn't overlook

Personalized daily horoscope

If you are one of those people who usually consult their horoscope every day, you will love Daily Personalized Horoscope, a free app that puts at your disposal daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes totally personalized for you.

Free download Personalized Daily Horoscope

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