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10 reasons to watch Family man two – Tamil News


Manoj Bajpayee -The versatile acting of Manoj Bajpayee, the ease at fitting himself to the role is never to be missed.

Samantha – The Actors’ bold yet elegant portrayal of a Tamil Elam girl and her style in fight sequence thoroughly worth the watch.

Music – brilliant background score that doesn’t overlap and adds life to the story is yet another reason to never miss.

Editing – Sumeet Kotia’s scissor works that presents only the essential portions of the series with thrill and twists is a must watch.

Cinematography – the drone shots and closeups with intense detailing and smart camera angles is unmissable.

Director Duo – A lively hot story from the hands of the most successful Director is worth the watch.

Family Bonding – Fallen family and members who are wittily cautious on putting it together gives absolutely the emotions we need.

Friendship – A beautiful portrayal of friendship between JK and Sri, who cares about each other but never admits it is never to be missed.

Story Line – A strong flawless and engaging story line with all elements of entertainment is unmissable.

Action sequences – power-packed action sequences with gunfire, downfalls and bloodsheds are worth watching.

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