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120 euros discount, 2K images and great battery

120 euros discount, 2K images and great battery


For just over 200 euros you can get this good cheap Xiaomi tablet, it stars at a scandalous price.

The cheap tablet that we recommend is from Xiaomi: 120 euros discount, 2K images and a large battery
The Redmi Pad is a cheap tablet that has everything you need for just over 200 euros.

Spectacular discount that currently stars the Redmi Padthe cheap tablet of Xiaomi What else do we recommend? Specifically, it is the model of 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage the one that collapses from the original 329.99 euros. Currently, on AliExpress you can buy it for only 208.50 euros using the 3 euro coupon offered by the sellerthat is, you save more than 120 euros when you get this Redmi Pad.

In addition to saving you such an amount of money, AliExpress offers you free shipping to home. It is also a good option to buy the Redmi Pad on amazonwhere it can be yours for only 211 euros also in the 4GB+128GB version. In the case of Amazon, you should keep in mind that you can receive it at home in a matter of hours if you’re prime useralthough you should keep in mind that the units for sale are limited.

The Redmi Pad is a good tablet for tasks like watching series and movies, browsing Google Chrome, see social networks or take notes in class. It has a very good build quality, with a 2K resolution screen and a large battery. In short, it has everything you should look for in a good cheap tablet.

Redmi Pad

Buy the Redmi Pad with a 120 euro discount

The Redmi Pad is a tablet with a thin and light design, so it offers great comfort when we have to take it with us outside the home. Keep in mind that it weighs only 445 grams, with a thickness of only 7 millimeters which makes it a thinner device than most mobile phones. We must recognize that, despite being cheap, it is a tablet that it is very well builtthe feeling is good when we have it in our hands.

You will see the content in a 10.61-inch LCD screen with 2K resolution (2,000 x 1,200 pixels) and refresh rate of 90 hertz. It is a screen of correct quality, especially for the touch of fluidity provided by the 90 hertz. The images are very well accompanied by the sound offered by the four stereo speakers that equips the tablet. Therefore, it is a good alternative for the consumption of multimedia content.

The processor of this Redmi Pad is the MediaTek Helio G99, with enough power for the most daily tasks. With it you can browse Google Chrome, view social networks, make video calls with friends or follow broadcasts on YouTube. In fact, it can also be a good tablet for students They don’t need a lot of power. They can use it to take notes or consult content on pages like Wikipedia.

The operating system of the tablet is Android 12 with MIUI for PAD, with useful features such as split screen to use two apps at the same time. On the other hand, there are two cameras that the Redmi Pad has, a rear and a front of 8 megapixels respectively. By the way, if you want more space, you can expand its 128 GB of internal storage with a microSD card.

Redmi Pad

The final touch puts it the 8,000 mAh battery, with which you will have no problem reaching the end of the day and even enjoying two days of autonomy. As always, it will depend on the use you give it. The charger that is included in the box is 22.5W, but you must bear in mind that the tablet only supports 18W.

With the Redmi Pad you are assured of good performance when it comes to basic use, even you can play games that are not very demanding. The tablet is very good value for money, especially considering that it is now more than 120 euros off. If you want to get this Redmi Pad, on amazon and on AliExpress can find it for around 210 euros.

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