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1C Entertainment will release on PC 4X-strategy The Pegasus Expedition

Company 1C Entertainment speak publisher of sci-fi story-driven 4x strategy The Pegasus Expedition. A Finnish studio is working on the game Kalla Gameworksthis is her debut project.

The Pegasus Expedition takes place at a critical time for humanity. A deadly threat looms over the Earth, and humanity sends an expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy in search of shelter and a new home for people. The creators of the game are probably referring to a fictional galaxy from the Stargate universe.

Players will have to lead one of the space fleets and deal with diplomatic relations, raising armies, the economy, supply and scientific development. Over time, our mission will grow from research into management, and then we will have to fight for survival.

Players are promised a complex and non-obvious story in a vast, hand-drawn world. We will have to make difficult decisions every now and then, when none of the options is unambiguously good or bad, and in any case we will have to face the consequences of our choice.

From June 13, it will be possible to get acquainted with free demo strategy The Pegasus Expedition within the framework of the festival Steam Next Fest. And the release should take place this year.

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