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1More unveils Aero noise cancelling earbuds with spatial audio for $109


1More has unveiled the Aero true wireless earbuds. The new pair of 1More Aero buds feature spatial audio with dynamic head-tracking technology. These ANC in-ears are priced at $109, but 1More is giving away a $20 coupon code that will run until November 18th.


  • 1More’s new Aero noise-canceling buds have spatial audio.
  • The earbuds are water-resistant and have up to 28 hours of total battery life.
  • The 1More Aero in-ears sell for $109.99 with a limited $20 (£20) off.

The 1More Aero headphones come with a cone-shaped stem design similar to the recently launched Soundcore Liberty 4 with the same 3D audio feature. Inside each bud is a 10mm audio driver that is found on the 1More Evo TWS too. There are also a total of six microphones that help block up to 42dB of ambient noise, which is then supplemented by transparency mode and smart volume control.

1More Aero’s 3D audio and design

1More’s spatial audio is coupled with a real-time head-tracking function. The latter is enabled by a gyroscope sensor to detect the movement and orientation of the head. Users can tap the different equalizer presets as well as the quick toggle to turn on or off the spatial audio via the 1More mobile app for Android and iOS.

1More unveils Aero noise cancelling earbuds with spatial audio for 9
1More Aero True Wireless Earbuds in white color / © 1More

Besides the replaceable ear tips and lightweight build, the Aero in-ear headphones have an IPX5 water resistance rating in tow. A single earbud weighs about 4.9 grams or a smidge lighter than Samsung’s more expensive Galaxy Buds Pro 2. The case has a USB-C port and supports Qi wireless charging while the total playback is 28 hours.

Other audio specs and pricing of the 1More Aero

In terms of connectivity and codec compatibility, the 1More Aero buds have Bluetooth 5.2 and boast dual-device connectivity to allow easy switching between two sources. Lastly, the latest spatial audio-ready earphones have AAC and SBC codecs.

The 1More Aero wireless earbuds are available in black or white colorways. 1More is already selling them in the US and the UK for $109.99 (£99.99) and later in Europe. At the same time, they are running a $20 discount through the ‘AERO20’ code if you purchase a set from Amazon.

What are your thoughts on spatial audio? Do you think it is an essential feature for Bluetooth headphones? We’d love to hear your answers.


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