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20 Awesome Family Movies & Series To Watch Together

Types Of Family Movies

Deciding on which movie to show to watch with the family will always come down to the type of film you all like watching.

There are many different types of family movies that cater to various age groups and interests. Some of the most common types of family movies include:

Animated films are usually targeted towards younger children and feature colorful and imaginative animations. While you can find a lot of them on Netflix, for the best selection of animated films, check out Disney+ as they have the entire Pixar and Disney collections.

live-action films typically feature real actors and settings and may be geared towards a wider range of ages.

adventure movies involve characters going on exciting and dangerous journeys, often with a focus on teamwork and problem-solving. Great examples above include Jumanji and Dora the Explorer but also check out Jungle Cruise so more family fun.

comedy movies are designed to make audiences laugh and can range from silly slapstick to more sophisticated humor. I find most Adam Sandler movies are great fun for everybody.

fantasy movies feature magical or supernatural elements, such as mythical creatures, enchanted objects, and mystical lands.

musical movies include singing and dancing, and may feature original songs or popular music.

sports movies often center around a specific sport or athletic activity, and may focus on themes of teamwork, perseverance, and dedication.

science fiction movies involve futuristic or otherworldly settings, advanced technology, and fantastical creatures.

biographical movies are based on the real-life experiences of historical figures or public figures and often focus on their personal struggles and triumphs.

Historical movies are set in a particular period of history and often provide a glimpse into the customs, culture, and events of the time.


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