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200 times more demand; Anticipation for the India-Pakistan World Cup match in America! | India vs Pakistan showdown drives US ticket demand for T20 World Cup

The series is co-hosted by USA and West Indies. The first match of this World Cup pits series hosts USA and Canada against each other. The most awaited match between India and Pakistan is scheduled to take place on June 9 in New York City. The official appointed to host the T20 World Cup series in the US has said that the demand for tickets has increased by 200 times due to the large number of people waiting to watch the match.

Talking about this, he said, “The India-Pakistan match is a match that fans watch with interest in every T20 World Cup series. Demand for tickets is high. We are building a 34,000-seat stadium. There has been 200 times more demand than available tickets. It is great to see these two countries visiting America.

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