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2024 is the year of the hidden workforce

On the threshold of the new year, the most pressing talent management questions were revealed by renowned HR professionals.

Many employers still suffer from a lack of the right workforce, so we can safely say that this year will bring the rise of the hidden workforce. The recruitment market is still surrounded by injustices, many applicants are rejected or undervalued based on superficial recruitment procedures, think for example of healthcare or the over 65s. “In 2024, we expect more and more workers to adopt technology and recruiting strategies that help them tap into this untapped segment. Technology will make it easier to find the hidden workforce while tailoring workflows to help job seekers of all backgrounds succeed.” necessary tools,” said Robert Kaskel, Head of Human Resources at Checkr.

Nuria Requena, talent search manager of the Spacelift company, thinks about the near future as follows: “I believe that in 2024, a significant HR trend will be the increased emphasis on employee data protection. The shift towards remote work and digital operations also calls for the importance of employee data protection attention. We expect HR departments to implement advanced data protection measures and data protection-focused policies. For example, companies can use end-to-end encryption for internal communications, invest in staff education to recognize and mitigate data risks. This is a growing priority for data protection it not only protects against incidents, but also signals to employees that their personal data is respected and protected, which further strengthens their commitment to the company.”

“This year, I expect significant progress in the integration of artificial intelligence into HR technology. Many human resources professionals will learn to use AI to their advantage. Especially in recruitment, it shows great efficiency with rationalized screening of applicants, reduction of prejudices, significant time and through cost savings and a higher level of applicant experience. Remote work and hybrid work models do not require a physical office presence and the benefits are manifold. I encourage all employers to critically evaluate their organizational structure to identify opportunities to implement and optimize remote and hybrid work solutions.” – stated Antwan Robertson, HR specialist.

According to Max Wesman, COO of GoodHire, “Adapting HR systems and practices to changing workforce demographics will be one of the leading HR trends in 2024 and beyond. As technology in the workplace evolves, the demographics of the workforce are also growing, and many HR teams it must support and meet the needs of the workforce. Focusing on one or the other is no longer a realistic solution, HR must transform its practice to serve both an aging and a young workforce.”

“In the coming year, more and more HR departments will be called People & Culture. This indicates a systemic change in the functioning of the function and in the perception of its role within the organization. This is the next step in the evolution of HR, which used to be called the personnel department and is now called human resources. Nowadays more and more people are renaming themselves to show their company’s two most important values ​​and priorities. When both thrive, business thrives. Conversely, when employees suffer, it shows in business results. People & Culture Teams they play a critical role in HR’s transition from a paper-centric, transactional department to a people-first, transformative pillar in business life,” emphasized Lindsey Garito, Director of People and Culture.

NamanHR’s senior consultant Arundhati Chafekar draws attention to the DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) approach. “One trend we foresee is the recognition worldwide that DEI initiatives need to take diversity into account, including race, gender, sexual orientation and disability. Companies will be expected to embrace more inclusive approaches. In addition, we will continue to there will be a strong focus on promoting mental health, emphasizing the creation of support and offering resources.As telecommuting becomes more common, companies will grapple with DEI challenges related to a globally diverse workforce, managing cultural differences and inclusion.Ongoing DEI education and training will therefore continue to be a key trend, focusing on fostering an inclusive culture and minimizing prejudice. In order to demonstrate achievements in DEI, transparency in reporting and accountability may also come to the fore. To successfully navigate these trends, companies need DEI they must collaborate with experts and transform their strategies in such a way as to promote the development of more inclusive workplaces.”

“In 2024, one of the significant developments in the field of HR is expected to be the competition for talent. Companies have become more and more adept at retaining their existing talent pool in the post-pandemic period. As a result, attracting the best candidates for new positions is becoming more and more challenging. In response to this trend HR and headhunting professionals need to take a more forward-looking approach to their hiring plans. They need to start the recruiting process early and make consistent efforts to build and nurture the talent pipeline. Connecting with targeted talent ahead of time can also give companies a competitive advantage in getting the right candidates when they need them. This proactive approach is vital in a job market where availability is often characterized by the urgency of yesterday’s needs,” said Katie Tu, managing director of Kepler Search.

“With DEI issues gaining more attention worldwide, I see more dialogue and demand for solutions that take into account cultural contexts. Similarly, I see the integration of conflict management principles into DEI and HR work where disagreements and conflicts are not avoided or we see it as destructive, but we focus on cooperation and problem solving. This also reflects that DEI work is not only the work of a select few, passionate HR professionals, but that it is important for all professionals working in this field that diverse and fair workplace and outside and prioritize creating an inclusive environment,” said Xin Yi Yap, Aperian’s Global Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Product Manager.

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