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29,980 hearts, 9 hours of stimulation; Those tick…thick…minutes and Chepak fans! | ICC World Cup 2023: Chepauk Fans Reaction to Pakistan Vs South Africa Match

As the South African player Tabrez Shamsi who stood on the field in those tick… tick… minutes had said with resilience. He’s not the only one. Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur also said the same. Pakistan’s key player Saad Shakeel also said the same. Their words expressed the satisfaction of having provided the right food for a crowd who knew how to enjoy cricket as cricket.

The Pakistan vs South Africa match started with the toss at 1:30 PM and lasted until 10:33 PM.

The total capacity of Chepauk Stadium is around 35,000. 33000 fans attended the India vs Australia match. Compare with that. 29,980 for a non-Indian match shows how big it is.

Various journalists from abroad had also camped in Chepauk because of the World Cup match. A few journalists from South Africa were also seen snapping photos of the fan wearing a Puma jersey here. Chennai fans do not discriminate even in cheering.

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