Android News3 gadgets and 2 Xiaomi phones that you can...

3 gadgets and 2 Xiaomi phones that you can buy for less than 100 euros


Take advantage of the AliExpress Super Offers: you have the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the Redmi 10A or the Redmi A1 at a minimum price.

AliExpress Super Offers: 3 gadgets and 2 Xiaomi phones that you can buy for less than 100 euros
The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is Xiaomi’s star gadget

Although we already see Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men in the rearview mirror, AliExpress keep regaling us with dozens of discounts on some of today’s most coveted tech products. So much so that for a limited time the e-commerce has a new campaign underway SuperOffers that puts devices as desired as the Xiaomi Smartband 7 or the recent Redmi A1both at prices of authentic scandal.

So whether you’re looking for a mobile less than 100 euros as if you want to treat yourself to a whim of the orange markwe have prepared a most interesting mini-compilation: on the one hand you have 3 gadgets between 29 and 49 euros and on the other two basic mobiles available for 93 and 78 euros. Quality technology at popular prices.

Also note that for all three devices that not They are mobileyou can benefit additionally from all the Advantages of AliExpress Plazawhich include express shipping from Spain and two weeks of free returns.

5 Xiaomi products at a discount… even after Kings

  • Xiaomi Smart Band 7. If we take into account that the well-known Xiaomi bracelet is available in the official store of the brand at a price that is usually around 50 eurosthe €35.61 of AliExpress They are a real candy. We are before a golden opportunity to buy what is currently the best quantifying bracelet on the market. Includes battery for two weeks, 120 sport modes1.62-inch AMOLED screen, full water resistance and measurement functions that range from sleep to stressgoing through the pulse or the level of oxygen in the blood.

Xiaomi Smartband 7

  • Mijia Rice Cooker 2. In case you are a bit of a cook, you are going to get a lot out of this little gadget. It is a smart rice cooker able to prepare up 6 servings of rice in less than an hour, being able to activate its operation from your mobile whenever and wherever you feel like it. Needless to say that beyond rice It can be used to prepare all kinds of recipes. For 49 euro it’s quite a bargain.

Mijia Rice Cooker 2

  • My Vacuum Cleaner Mini. Another bargain that should not be lost sight of is the descent of 20 euros on the My Vacuum Cleaner Mini, a mini-vacuum that you can get a lot out of. Available on Amazon for almost 50 eurosis perfect for thoroughly cleaning any corner of our house or our car. Powerful and with a size ultra-compactfor €29.99 You also get a product that comes directly from the official Xiaomi store on AliExpress

My Vacuum Cleaner Mini

  • Xiaomi Redmi 10A. Entering the field of mobile phones, it is convenient to review the drop of almost 40 euros in it Redmi 10Aone of the best affordable mobiles on the redmi catalog. If you are looking for a basic mobile for users with not too many needs, this Redmi 10A is a more than recommended purchase: USB-Cgreat battery, dual camera 13 megapixelshuge screen 6.53 inchesMIUI 12.5… By 93 euros you will hardly find something to match it.

Xiaomi Redmi 10A

  • xiaomi redmi a1. Finally, if you are clear that you want spend as little as possible on a mobile, it is unthinkable to miss this Redmi A1which maintains a price less than 80 euros (Xiaomi sells it for 109.99 euros). We are facing a device designed for calls, WhatsApp and little else that, however, is also capable of fighting in terms of autonomy and camera, all with the addition of Android 12 Go Editionwhich guarantees us extra fluidity when using the different applications of the phone.

xiaomi redmi a1

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