Android News300 euros for a OnePlus 9 is possible with...

300 euros for a OnePlus 9 is possible with this Black Friday offer


Even the 9 Pro model has a crazy discount that you cannot miss.

300 euros for a OnePlus 9 is possible with this Black Friday offer

East black friday It has already started in AliExpress Plaza one day after the official date, and it has done so with great discounts in all kinds of categories. We have seen that the OnePlus 9 has gone down to 304 euros and that OnePlus 9Pro it can be yours for only 400 euros. outrageous prices for these two high-end Android models that touch their historical minimum.

From the first terminal released, OnePlus has always been considered a ‘giant killer’ firm. Currently, is one of the great, although little known. The OnePlus 9 can be yours for 304 euros with the coupon ES55 and the OnePlus 9 Pro with 12 GB of RAM for 400 euros with the code BFES100. There are other coupons (ES30 Y ES70) that you can try using in these and other products.

OnePlus 9 (8/128GB)OnePlus 9 Pro (12/256GB)

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro in other stores:

Buy the OnePlus 9 at the best price on Black Friday

both terminals are in full high-end Android systemthey will receive the 13th version of Google’s operating system and they have the power of one of the best processors of last year and this one, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. You won’t go wrong with either one, but realistically I would go for the OnePlus 9 Pro, because of its improvement in screen, camera and materials. Both are beautiful and very well built. Let’s see the differences between the two.

Cameras of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

The cameras of the two OnePlus 9 are exceptional, but the Pro model is superior

  • Screen: while the Pro model features a 6.7″ Amoled panel the ‘simple’ model stays at 6.55″. Only the Pro version makes the leap to 2K resolution. In both cases we have panels with a 120 Hz refreshbut only the OnePlus 9 Pro is variable from 1 Hz.
  • camera system: both models have a camera made up of a 50 MP Sony main sensor, a 50 MP wide-angle lens and one dedicated to B/N images. However, only the Pro model has a 8 MP telephoto lens which achieves optical zoom. The Pro is also the only one that has an optical image stabilizer. The front camera of both is the same, a 16 MP Sony lens.
  • Design: at first glance they may look very much the same, but only the Pro model use aluminum alloy, while the OnePlus 9 uses plastic and glass. This makes the OnePlus 9 Pro slightly heavier, 197 vs. 192 grams.

OnePlus 9 (8/128GB)OnePlus 9 Pro (12/256GB)

Offer is for US version models only, but they work worldwide. The only thing you will have to do is buy a charger Or use one you already have at home, as it is shipped with a US plug. The Pro model is superior in several aspects, and for only 100 euros difference you can take a better mobile is these commented sections and, in addition, larger internal memory (128 vs 256 GB) and higher RAM (8 vs 12 GB). Hurry up, AliExpress Black Friday has just started, but stock is limited on almost everything.

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