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5 AliExpress gadgets under 15 euros that you didn’t know you needed

5 AliExpress gadgets under 15 euros that you didn’t know you needed


We selected 5 unknown gadgets from AliExpress that are also available for very little money.

5 AliExpress gadgets under 15 euros that you didn't know you needed
It costs only 12 euros and allows you to clean any nook and cranny

Besides being one of the most reliable online storesAliExpress is also the gateway to a world of crazy gadgets and gadgets which are, in many cases, much more useful than one might think at first. In this sense, today we have not rolled up our sleeves and have selected half a dozen of these peculiar products that, beyond being tremendously practicalthey have a most affordable price.

We are talking about products with a cost of between 5 and 15 euros which has also been reduced for a limited time. You will also see that these are products with the seal of AliExpress Choice for what you will have guaranteed delivery in 10 days as well as returns and shipping costs included in the price.

If you have any doubts, note that all the gadgets selected here have hundreds of positive reviewsnot to mention that they are managed by some of the top vendors in the e-commerce: Yes or yes you will succeed with your purchase.

5 Cheap AliExpress Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

  • LCD writing tablet. We begin the compilation with this LCD tablet (be careful, it is not a tablet), which, although it is a product focused on children, will allow us to replace the typical post-it in an infinitely more practical way. It works with a button battery included in the product that will last you for years, since its consumption is minimal. Our personal recommendation is that you hit a magnet to the back and put it in the fridge. For 5 eurillos it is a very easy purchase to amortize.

LCD writing tablet

  • Chambered Precision Cleaner. If you are not a very squeamish person and for some reason you are obsessed with checking the holes of other living beings, this gadget is specially designed for you. Basically it is a small stick with a camera at the end that you can use, for example, to clean earwax or simply poke around in the nose or mouth. Connects to mobile through an application and its tip is made of a soft and waterproof material.

Chambered Precision Cleaner

  • portable mini blender. For just over 10 euros you have this small portable blender, which is perfect to prepare the children’s porridge in the park or to have a juice in the office. Its main attraction (apart from the price) is that it has the capacity to 400 milliliters and a rechargeable battery that can prepare up to 8 cups of smoothies.

portable mini juicer

  • Xiaomi Lint Remover. Of all the cheap Xiaomi products their lint remover is one of the most useful. It will allow you not only to leave your sweaters looking like new, but also to polish the upholstery of the sofa, car seats or even the mattress. It can work during 90 minutes on a single charge and on top of that with a power far superior to its competitors.

Xiaomi Lint Remover

  • Rechargeable handheld mini-vacuum. Finally we have selected the cheapest handheld vacuum cleaner AliExpress, a product that also has half a thousand reviews and one Outstanding note. It offers a suction power of 20,000 pascals and autonomy for more than half an hour. It recharges in a few hours via a USB cable and includes an additional head with a built-in brush. If you were looking for a decent solution to dust off your computer keyboard or vacuum crumbs from car seats, this might be an interesting purchase.

Rechargeable handheld mini-vacuum

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