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5 features we want to see in 2024’s Apple Watch update

The latest Apple Watches pack an advanced set of features and health sensors, making them some of the best wearables on the market. With every major OS update, the Cupertino firm continues to build upon the solid foundation of its smartwatch by introducing even more additions. watchOS 10, for example, overhauled the entire operating system and improved the overall experience. Nonetheless, we’re already anticipating the next big release: watchOS 11.

Unreleased Apple software, unlike the company’s hardware, rarely leaks in advance. Despite that, credible rumors indicate that some major AI advances will debut this year through iOS 18 and macOS 15. While these whispers seemingly don’t reference watchOS 11, we can safely assume that the rumored Siri improvements will also impact the Apple Watch in one way or another. Otherwise, we may have to wait until early June to find out more about this upcoming release, once the company previews it at WWDC24. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of some of the watchOS 11 features and changes we would like to see.

1 Absolute autonomy

In a way, watchOS is already independent

The Apple Watch is arguably the best smartwatch out there for valid reasons. It works pretty much independently, once set up, and still manages to gather a wide range of health and fitness data. The Apple Watch can do a lot on its own, including downloading apps, installing OS updates, streaming online or offline music, making calls, texting, checking the weather, keeping up with reminders and calendar events, and much more.

Cellular-enabled Apple Watches can already be set up using a family member’s iPhone. Afterward, a user gets to use their wearable independently. We want watchOS 11 to take this feature to the next level by dropping the need to use a family member’s iPhone. Technically speaking, there’s literally nothing stopping Apple at this point from supporting an independent setup. A decent compromise would be setup support through an iPad, as many Android users rely on iPadOS and want an Apple Watch without needing to switch to iOS.

2 Proper sleep tracking

The feature is currently unreliable

Apple Watch Ultra 2 with night mode

Sleep tracking is one of the popular offerings available on most recent smartwatch models. watchOS, however, just sucks at it. Yes, you get insights about the different sleep stages and whatnot, but the tracking is far from being smart. It’s pretty much limited to the preassigned sleep schedule that you set. So those who don’t sleep and wake up at the exact same hours every day will have a hard time getting accurate data. That’s not to mention that it seemingly doesn’t support random daytime naps, as these occur outside the selected night sleep schedule. Apple Watch Series 9 packs an upgraded processor that significantly boosts its power. We only hope that watchOS 11 takes advantage of that to introduce smarter sleep tracking that works automatically, based on a user’s habits and movements (or the lack thereof).

3 Smarter fitness goals

Moderation is key

And speaking of smarter features, let’s face it: the 3-ring fitness system is toxic and can actually be unhealthy. The algorithm monitors your achievements, and as long as you’re capable of meeting your goals, it will continue to suggest tougher, more challenging ones. While this may work for those trying to lose weight, some users are trying to maintain their build, while staying active. To get the algorithm to suggest easier goals, you’ll have to stop closing your rings, which means losing your streak if you’re committed to that.

We hope that watchOS 11 introduces a more practical and forgiving system that isn’t constantly pushing you to do more. Sometimes less is more, especially when you’re overworking yourself. This could be solved if Apple adds an intention section where you pick whether you’re trying to lose or maintain weight and what your ultimate goal is. Break days would also be a welcome addition for those who feel burned out from time to time.

4 Third-party watch faces

The built-in options are too limited

The Apple Watch has been around for about a decade, but users are still limited to the company’s first-party watch faces. We hope that watchOS 11 brings third-party face support, allowing users to design their own or download other people’s creations. There’s nothing stopping Apple from supporting that, and being able to further personalize watchOS beyond the presets would make the watch more fun to use.

5 One More Thing …

Innovative exclusives are always welcome

The Apple Watch showing the walkie-talkie screen.

The Apple Watch offers some exclusive perks that are unavailable on iOS 17, such as the Walkie-Talkie app. The Fitness app also used to be a watchOS-only offering, before Apple eventually brought it to the iPhone. Exclusives push undecided customers to buy a product and gives said product a unique angle that it makes it more valid. I don’t know what exactly this new tool or app could be, but it’s time Apple added a special, watch-only feature to watchOS 11 to make it stand out again.

Not much left to ask for

Every year, Apple checks a few items off our wishlists when it launches a new major OS update. Now that the Apple Watch offers pretty much everything a user could ask for or need and has had its user interface polished, there’s not much left to ask for. My Apple Watch operates the way I expect it to: It unlocks my Mac, tracks my activity, notifies me, controls my music playback, etc. It has objectively become a mature product, and we hope that the company reveals some surprises when it previews watchOS 11 during WWDC24 next June.

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