Android News5 Great Games for the Whole Family

5 Great Games for the Whole Family


These family games are easy to understand, and offer wide appeal for multiple family members to gather around and enjoy.

Marble Mixer for iPad

Marble Mixer includes three different game boards to shoot marbles on. Your marbles can collide with your opponent’s marbles, and there are great physics. Have fun shooting towards point buckets, mouths, and more.

Only for the iPad, the game is $1.99.

Ticket to Ride

A classic board game is also available to play on your iPhone or iPad. Ticket to Ride is a railway adventure where you’ll try to be the quickest to link cities and reach destinations. You’ll travel the world from Europe to India and can try out different strategies to win.

The easy-to-play game is easy to learn and there is even a tutorial mode so everyone can learn how to play. Along with a local multiplayer option to try out with the family, you can also choose a single-player mode or online multiplayer.

Available for $8.99, you can unlock additional game modes with in-app purchases.


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When you mix pong and pinball, you get Multiponk. All it takes is one finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smooth effects and thwart the traps to win the game. Multiponk features solo mode, where you try to beat the computer, as well as a multiplayer mode that supports up to four players at once.

This game is pong mixed with pinball, challenging you to keep control of the ball while avoiding traps. You bounce the ball around, using a single finger to control your paddle. In solo mode, you play against the computer, but the real fun is when you get three friends circled around your iPad for a multiplayer game of Multiponk.

The game is $2.99 and also available on the iPhone.

The Game of Life

Another board game adapted for the digital age, The Game of Life brings all the fun to your iOS device. You’ll attend. College, accept a job and play mini games. The different board piece characters look great as they will make their way through life in a 3D animated board.

In the local multiplayer mode, you can play with up to four people on the same device. There is also an online multiplayer option to match with others from around the world.

For the iPhone and iPad, the game is $4.99. In-app purchases are available to unlock additional game modes.

King of Opera

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The opera is on, but the tenors all want to steal the spotlight. You and up to three other players each control a singer, trying to nudge and bump each other off the stage. When the fat lady drops into the action, though, who can steal the spotlight back and end the game as King of the Opera?

King of Opera challenges you to bump other tenors off the stage, sumo-style. The song goes on, but each singer battles for his own stage presence. If you can keep the spotlight on you the longest, you just might be crowned the King of Opera.

It’s the perfect game for a night in with a group of friends. Gather around the trusty iPad, and see who can keep the spotlight the longest. King of Opera is hilarious fun, with you and each of your friends vying for control of the stage.

For 1-4 players, the $2.99 game is also available for the iPhone.


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