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5 methods you can use


Step by step, we explain the most effective methods that you can use so that your mobile tells you the title of the song you are listening to in a matter of seconds.

How to know what song is playing using your mobile: 5 methods you can use
Use your mobile to discover the title of a song in a matter of seconds.

You’re in a bar, a song is playing in the background and you like it, but you don’t know the title or author to find it on Spotify and listen to it later at home. There is something that you surely do have, your mobile phone, which can become the best help when you are in this situation. In this guide we explain 5 methods that you can use with your mobile to find out what song is playing in a matter of seconds.

The most useful tools are found in Googlewhich offers us several possibilities to recognize songs using our phone. of course also there are options outside the Google world They also work accurately and quickly. Discover them all to have different alternatives when using the smartphone to know what song is playing.

Using the Google app and widget

If your mobile is Android, you will find pre-installed an app called google which comes in handy when it comes to recognizing songs with your mobile. When the song in question is playing, you just have to open this app, tap on microphone button and on the button “Search Song” for the Google recognition system to start working. In a few seconds, both the name of the song and the artist will show up as a google searchso you can know more information directly.

With the Google app you can identify which song is playing.

With the Google app you can identify which song is playing.

Another option is install google app widget on the home screen of the terminal, so the process will be even faster. Unlock the phone, tap on the microphone that appears in the widget, and finally on the “Search song” button to identify the topic you are listening to. As with the app, Google will automatically search for the song to show you the results.

Asking the Google Assistant

Since a few years, you can discover the name of the song you listen to with the Google Assistant. If you have it activated, it will suffice to say “Ok Google, tell me what song is playing” for the tool to do its job. In a few seconds, on the screen you will see the title of the song and the artist, the beginning of the lyrics and also buttons to search it on Google, add it to a playlist on YouTube Music Y listen to it in full on YouTube.

As you can see, the Google Assistant not only tells you what song you’re listening to, it also shows you more information about the subject and offers you useful options to listen to it later. Without at doubt it is one of the fastest and most complete methods to find out what song is playing.

With the “It’s ringing” function of the Google Pixel

if you have a Google Pixel mobileyou can enjoy a unique feature called “It’s Ringing” which, as its name indicates, is dedicated to identifying the song that is playing. This is one of the hidden tricks of the Google Pixel that you should know, because it works even when the mobile is locked and has no internet connection.

By recognizing a song playing in the background, the Google Pixel will show you their name in a notification onscreen. If you want to know more information about the topic, just tap on the notification. Furthermore, the tool saves all recognized songs in a history so you can return to them at any time. Here’s how you can turn on the “It’s ringing” feature on your Pixel:

  1. Enter the terminal settings.
  2. Tap on “Sound and Vibration”.
  3. Accede to “Its ringing”.
  4. Activate the option “Identify the songs that are playing nearby”.

Humming the song on Google

You can too find a song by humming it on google, an unknown method, but very useful. It is ideal for those occasions in which you remember the melody of a song, but you have completely forgotten the lyrics, the title and the artist and therefore you can’t do much research.

We have tested this function of the Google Assistant and we can confirm that it does its job accurately and quickly. Enough with whistle or hum the tune For the mobile to recognize it, this is the process to follow:

  1. Opens the google app or use the Google widget.
  2. Click on the microphone icon and on the button “Search Song”.
  3. Hum or whistle the tune of the song for about 10-15 seconds.
  4. After that time, Google will identify the songs that are most similar to the melodies you have sung and will show you the ordered results. from highest to lowest probability of a match.
  5. Click on the correct result and you will be able to consult all the information of the song, for example, if it has a video clip or its complete lyrics.
find song on google

Steps you must follow to find a song on Google.

Using third-party apps like Shazam

Finally, in the Google application store you can find different third-party apps specialized in song recognition. The most popular of them all is Shazam, with a very advanced identification system and very useful functions as the history of searched topics. Also, you can create a shortcut to Shazam on your mobile so that it is put to search with just two taps on the screen.

As you can see, you can trust both Google and applications like Shazam to know what song is playing using your mobile. Hereinafter, resigning yourself to not discovering the name of the song that is playing will not be an option.


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