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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Excited for T3 Arena

Unlike most shooters, T3 Arena is a character-driven experience. Each of the game’s 17 heroes is totally distinct from the others in terms of personality and combat profile.

Take Hunter and Judex, the two newest characters. Hunter isn’t just a bounty hunter – he’s a member of the shady Nightingale Saloon. Judex isn’t just a firework artist – she’s also a defender of the helpless with a burning sense of justice.

Labula, meanwhile, isn’t even human. It’s a weird, duckling-like alien creature in a hovering podule, while Jabali is the result of a mysterious experiment. Hidden within a yellow mech suit, he’s on a mission to find out what happened to him.

Every single character in T3 Arena has their own backstory and motivation, and they all play different roles in battle.

Labula fires out spores that explode and cause AOE damage, Victor is a tank-like character who inflicts close-quarters damage with his powerful shotgun and rams enemies with a tackle to drive his point home.

We’ll leave you to discover the other characters and their quirks for yourselves! Android gamers can play it on TapTap by clicking here, with the iOS version landing on May 26.

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