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6 little-known Android apps that you shouldn’t overlook

Discover 6 free applications for Android that are not very popular, but are very worth it

6 little-known Android apps that you shouldn't overlook
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Most of us have the habit of installing the Android applications that the company recommends to us Google Play Store and also those that enjoy great popularity in the app store Googlebut this causes us to stop knowing real hidden gems that are much more useful than you think.

So that this does not happen to you, today we come to recommend 6 apps for Android that are not very well knownbut we believe they deserve a chance.


If you are not convinced by the native Google calculator application, you should try OpenCalc, a modern and complete scientific calculator that is very easy to use and will allow you perform all types of calculations quickly and easily.

OpenCalc is an open source application and as such, It is completely free and has no advertising and without any type of integrated purchase. This app can be downloaded through Google Play, through F-droidthe free apps store for Android or directly through the project page on GitHub.

Google Play Store | OpenCalc

Download OpenCalc on F-Droid

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a complete file manager for Android that allows you to perform all kinds of actions on them such as cut, copy, delete, compress and extractopen and uninstall any app you have installed on your mobile and Easily search any file and mark it as favorite to locate it more easily.

Like the previous application, Amaze File Manager is an open source app Free, no ads or in-app purchases which you can download through your GitHub page or through the direct links to the Play Store and F-Droid that we leave you below.

Google Play Store | Amaze File Manager

Download Amaze File Manager on F-Droid

Organic Maps

Organic Maps is an open source alternative to Google Maps focused on privacy, as this GPS navigator It does not track your location, does not collect your data and is completely free of advertising.

Just because it is more private than Google Maps does not mean that it lacks interesting functions, since Organic Maps has offline maps, with turn-by-turn navigation and is also compatible with Android Auto.

Organic Maps is a totally free application that you can download from the project page on GitHub in APK format, from the Google Play Store and also from the open source app store for Android, F-Droid.

Google Play Store | Organic Maps

Download Organic Maps on F-Droid


6 little-known Android apps that you shouldn't overlook

If you use the well-known Lawnchair Android launcher, you have to download Lawnicons, an exclusive icon pack created by those responsible for the popular open source application launcher that It has a really careful design and is updated relatively frequently.

Lawnicons is a completely free application, without ads or in-app purchases, which It can only be downloaded through its GitHub pagewhose direct link we leave you below these lines.

Download Lawnicons from GitHub

New pipe

NewPipe is an alternative application for YouTube that puts at your disposal the vast majority of features exclusive to YouTube Premiumsuch as removing advertisements or playing the audio of a video in the background, without paying a cent.

In addition, this free app also allows you import subscriptions from your YouTube account so you can continue watching videos from your favorite channels and access content hosted on PeerTube, a free alternative to YouTube.

Of course, you should know that NewPipe is not available on Google Play, so if you want to download it, you will have to do it from the project page on GitHub or through the link to F-Droid that we leave you right below.

Download NewPipe on F-Droid

Data monitor

And we finish this list of little-known Android apps with Data Monitor, a simple application thanks to which you will be able to accurately monitor your mobile data usage with your smartphone and perform speed tests to check signal quality.

Data Monitor shows you what data each application consumes and allows you to set a notification that alerts you when you have exceeded a certain gigabyte threshold.

Data Monitor is a free and open source application which can be downloaded from the Play Store, from F-Droid and, of course, also from your GitHub page.

Google Play Store | Data monitor

Download Data Monitor on F-Droid

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