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60% of jobs will change forever

AI has been improving by leaps and bounds

The IMF warns about Artificial Intelligence: 60% of jobs will change forever
Currently, AI has become an accumulation of concerns for multiple sectors

In recent years, many have warned of the possibility that there are professions that are going to disappearsome as Bill Gates already warned and it is also something that has been discussed within OpenAI itself, the company behind GPT-4. Until now, there have been companies that have laid off entire teams and have replaced them with AIbut they were a minority.

Now it seems that a International Monetary Fund report once again puts on the table the possibility that these are not mere speculations, but that they will become facts very soon. Although the potential that AI can offer is high, everything indicates that the risks are also high, starting with the copyright infringements that OpenAI has tacitly admitted and ending with the jobs that with each advance come closer to disappearing.

A world of transformations

The world that AI prepares in its wake is founded by a constant and radical transformation the way human beings work. The study carried out by the IMF makes it clear that the 60% of jobs are going to suffer very different evolutions due to the arrival of Artificial Intelligence.

Within this percentage, about half they would be negatively exposed. That is, they could disappear or evolve in such a way that the people who worked on them would be reduced to a negligible number. Meanwhile, the other half of the affected jobs could benefit significantly of this change. However, it is still a very negative message for those workers who could be in the most sensitive sectors be negatively affected.

On the other hand, countries with emerging economies will also feel this impact in 40% of jobs and in countries with the most affected economies, only 26% of people would notice this change.

Among the most affected demographic groups we find in the first positions the elderly peoplewhose recycling process would be arduous and they could be at risk of job exclusion. On the other hand, the most affected jobs tend to be occupied by women and in general all require university studies.

One of the points that the IMF tries to detail states who will be the most privileged by technological change and everything indicates that the highest incomes They will be those that continue to accumulate more capital thanks to these technologies. On the other hand, people with lower incomes could be the ones who ultimately end up excluded from the professional fields in which they have specialized over the years.

In short:

  • Work will be clearly affected by the emergence of AI.
  • According to the IMF, 60% of jobs will be affected in the most developed economies on the planet.
  • Within this 60%, approximately half will see the change as negative, while the other half will see positive changes.
  • The impact of AI will most affect older people and women, as well as people in general with university education.
  • It could affect the open economic gap between the highest classes and the lower and middle classes.

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