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7 apps recommended by Google to install on tablets and folding phones

There are 7 free productivity apps that can be used more on devices with large screens, let’s see why.

7 apps recommended by Google to install on tablets and folding phones
These apps that Google recommends are especially useful for devices with large screens // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

Google wants you to get the most out of your devices with large screens, Like the folding mobiles and the tablets. To do this, we recommend 7 productivity apps that have designs created especially for this type of devices. Some of the apps recommended by Google are better known, such as Gmail, while others may be a discovery for you.

If you usually use your tablet or foldable mobile phone to work and/or studyThese applications can completely change the way you do it. The recommendations arrive via the official Google blogwhere Maru Ahues Bouza -director of Product management– explains briefly why you should pay attention to these 7 apps.


Gmail GIF on a folding mobile

This is how the Gmail app works on a folding mobile phone.

Gmail, Google’s messaging service, has one of those apps that you get the most out of with a device with a large screen. As the company explains on its website, the Gmail app allows open links and attachments on the right side of the screen while email still appears on the left. In fact, the user can even choose how much screen space is dedicated to each section.

In this way, Gmail makes it much easier to view emails and their content. from the same application, there is no need to exit it. The operation of this tool is perfectly seen in the previous GIF, provided by Google.

Google Play Store | Gmail

Google Docs

Google Docs GIF on a tablet

If you use Google Docs on your tablet, you can quickly edit content.

Another recommended app is Google Docsalso known as Google Docs. The company recommends its use on tablets and folding phones due to the speed with which text documents can be edited. As we see in the previous GIF, we just have to open a document and click anywhere of the same so that the on-screen keyboard is displayed and start writing quickly.

Google Docs is one of the best word processors you can use for working and studying. If you do these tasks from a tablet, you see that it is especially interesting due to the speed of editing. Furthermore, you have at your disposal Other cool tricks to save time when using Google Docs.

Google Play Store | Google Docs

Adobe Acrobat reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader on a foldable mobile

Use split screen to read documents while doing other tasks.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has recently been updated to offer a better design on large Android devices. With this update, you can use split screen to open a document with Adobe Acrobat Reader on one half of the screen and a different app on the other half. For example, you can open a PDF with the notes on the left and a word processor for make a summary on the right side.

According to Google, the idea of ​​those responsible for the application is that users can open two PDF files simultaneously so they can work with multiple documents, a tool they are already working on.

Google Play Store | Adobe Acrobat reader


Zoom app on a folding mobile

The Zoom app is also prepared to be used on folding mobile phones.

One of the problems you may encounter when using a foldable mobile phone is that an app is not adapted for that type of screen. Fortunately, this will not happen to you with Zoomthe platform for group video calls. Google recommends it to you because its app has a new design which allows you to use it comfortably on your foldable smartphone in hands-free mode.

The redesign has consisted of showing the video call image at the topso you can see it perfectly when the phone is half folded and resting on the table. The controls appear at the bottom of the video call, perfectly accessible when the phone is in that position. Therefore, you can leave the foldable on the table while you comfortably talk and perform other tasks.

Google Play Store | Zoom


Dropbox app on a tablet

Dropbox has an app adapted for large Android devices.

Dropbox is one of best cloud file storage services and, best of all, it has a App designed especially for devices with large screens. When you open Dropbox on a tablet, the content adapts to make the most of every inch of the panel. In addition, the app is already compatible with the using an external mouse and keyboard.

Google Play Store | mailbox


Evernote app on a tablet

This is the design of the Evernote app for tablets.

Evernote It is one of the most useful applications that you can install on your devices, both mobile phones and tablets. In it you can store all your notesthe notes you take in class and the tasks you have pending. Not only can you write text, you can both draw, add photos and include voice recordings. It is such a complete application that Google recommends its use, especially on large devices.

According to Maru Ahues, the app is compatible with a stylus so you can add notes by hand. Furthermore, it has a app for tablets with an ideal design. The list of saved notes appears on the left, while on the right you will see the content of the note you have selected in large size. Plus, Evernote for tablets too It has significantly improved its widgets so you can see the notes from the home screen.

Google Play Store | Evernote


Todoist app on a tablet

The Todoist app for tablets and foldable phones allows you to see all the content on a single screen.

Todoist It is one of the best to-do list apps for Androidand it is also among those recommended by Google. With Todoist you can organize all the tasks you have pending in different categories, share some of them with other users and integrate all the information into other services such as Gmail.

Google Play Store | Todoist

However, Google highlights it because it has a particularly interesting design when you use it from a folding mobile phone or tablet. On the left side appears a bar with the main menus of the app, while on the right you can view tasks in the folder you have selected. In this way, finding your pending tasks and other sections such as configuration is much easier and faster.

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