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8 new games for Android that you cannot stop trying

8 new games for Android that you cannot stop trying


Enjoy your free time with these 8 new Android games that have just arrived on Google Play.

8 new games for Android that you cannot stop trying
If you like The Lord of the Rings saga, you’ll love LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth, the new EA game for mobile devices

If, like me, you are one of those who tend to browse from time to time on the Google Play Store searching new free games to kill dead ratsyou are in the right place because today we bring you the best new games that have been coming to the store Google over the last few weeks.

One more week, we have selected for you 8 new games for Android that you should not ignoresince within this list there are titles as interesting as Mighty DOOM, LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth or BT21 POP STAR.

Mighty DOOM

Mighty DOOM is the mobile version of the mythical video game franchise Doom and is inspired by collectible toys from DOOM Eternal.

In this top-down, one-handed first-person shooter, you have to annihilate hordes of mini demons that come from the fiery depths of hell.

As in other similar games, as you defeat enemies you will get level up, gain powerful skillscreate a new army and equip them with legendary weapons.

Mighty DOOM is a free to play game with ads and in app purchases ranging from 1.19 euros to 114.99 euros which is compatible with devices running Android 10 and later.

Google Play Store | Mighty DOOM

Burnout Blaze Racing

Burnout Blaze Racing

If you like car games, be sure to try Burnout Blaze Racing, an open world driving simulator in which you can be the king of illegal clandestine races.

This entertaining game allows you to customize your car to the extreme, being able to modify its elements such as the wheels, bumpers, spoilers, hood or paint of the vehicle and improve parameters of this as the suspension or the power.

Furthermore, in Burnout Blaze Racing you will be able to unlock legendary cars from the 80s and 90s and compete against players from around the world to test your driving skills.

Google Play Store | Burnout Blaze Racing

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Lord of the Rings, with LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth, a turn-based strategy RPG developed by EA in which you will have to form your own team of heroes, being able to recruit mythical characters from the saga such as Frodo Baggins and Éowyn, to get the One Ring and Free Middle-earth from Sauron’s yoke.

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth is a dynamic game with which you will never get bored, since you will be able to explore never-before-seen places in Middle-earthfight against rival guilds to level up your characters and enjoy a Story mode that will immerse you fully in the universe created by Tolkien.

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth en a completely free game, without ads, but with in-app purchases ranging from 1.19 euros to 119.99 euros that you can download from the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you below.

Google Play Store | LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth


The second Electronic Arts title on this list is EA SPORTS MLB TAP BASEBALL 23, the official baseball game of the MLB (Major League Baseball) in which you can create a dream team with the best current players of this and lead your team to conquer the most important baseball competition in the world.



BT21 POP STAR is an exciting puzzle game where you have to go combining three or more of the same blocks so that they explode and thus empty the board and overcome each of the phases of this puzzle.

In addition, this game has an entertaining survival mode in which you will be able to compete against your friends and prove that you are the best in T21 POP STAR.

Google Play Store | BT21 POP STAR

WinterCraft: Survival Forest

WinterCraft: Survival Forest is an entertaining survival game set in a winter forest in which you will have to obtain resources such as firewood to make a bonfire and keep warmset up a camp, hunt wild animals for food and explore all regions of a snow covered forest to find more items to help you survive.

WinterCraft: Survival Forest en a free game with ads, but no in-app purchasescompatible with all mobiles with Android 5.0 or a later version.

Google Play Store | WinterCraft: Survival Forest

Trivia Cash Games – Win Cash!

Trivia Cash Games is a totally free fun trivia game in which you will be able to exchange the virtual coins obtained in it for real money in cash.

In this game you will have to compete against players from all over the world answering correctly questions on all kinds of topics such as technology, sports, culture, movies, history, gaming, or general culture to overcome them and thus go up in the global ranking.

Also, as you play you will get free boosters that will help you win more games, since, with them, you will get more lives, exchange questions, you can eliminate two answers in one question, increase the time for questions or ask for the classic “public joker”.

Google Play Store | Trivia Cash Games – Win Cash !

Color Master: Relax Color Game

But if instead of shooting and adventures, you prefer a bit of relaxation, we recommend Color Master: Relax Color Game, a simple game in which you have color a drawing that is in black and white in three different ways: by matching the same numbers, tapping on the color at the bottom to find the corresponding color blocks and holding down the color blocks to find the correct color.

In this relaxing game you will find a wide variety of images to color on all kinds of themes such as vegetation, anime, lifestyle or love and, also, once you have finished coloring a drawing you will be able to set it as your mobile wallpaper.

Google Play Store | Color Master: Relax Color Game



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