Android News8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app


In this guide we offer you the best tricks to get more out of the HBO Max application on your Android mobile.

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app
HBO Max for Android offers a series of features that are worth knowing

we bring you the best tricks for the HBO Max mobile app. Knowing them will help you get more out of this streaming platform on your mobile and more comfortably view its complete catalog. Find out what are the most interesting features that this service includes on Android.

Our goal is to help you Get started with the HBO Max app and reveal some of the secrets it hides. Specifically, we refer to 8 functions of the mobile application that are not in sight and that will help you get the most out of the platform on your Android device.

Change the appearance of subtitles

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

The subtitles, that ally to see content in the original version or without the audio in public places

If you are viewing content from your mobile in a public space and you do not have headphones, you will surely be interested in activating the subtitles. You will be happy to know that it is possible to customize its appearance. You just have to access the application settings and press on Subtitle Settings. There, you will see these options:

  • change font. HBO Max offers several fonts.
  • font color. Most are very bright color tones, to improve visualization.
  • Font size. Select an option from Very Small to Large.
  • font opacity. Controls the transparency of the texts.

In addition to these parameters, you also have options for the background of the texts. At the top is offered preview changes as you roll them out. Therefore, it is not necessary to play a content to see the result.

Prevent HBO Max from sending you marketing emails

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

Disable advertising emails with the HBO Max app for Android

The intention of the HBO Max emails is to let you know the news that comes to the platform. But if you consider that these emails are spam, you have it very easy to deactivate them. Visit the section notifications of the settings and deactivate the option Emails from HBO Max and its affiliates. If you touch the button app notificationsyou can determine the behavior of the ads on your mobile.

Manage the devices you’re signed in to

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

Don’t recognize any device? Delete it at a stroke from the device management section

One of the benefits of the HBO Max Android application is that allows you to manage the devices on which a session has been opened. Go to the section Devices preferences and take a look at the list.

If you don’t recognize any of the teams that appear here, click on the cross button to remove it. When they have fallen into disuse, the most normal thing is that in the section last used the number of days is very high.

Remember to go to this section of the settings if you think you have left your account activated on a public device, such as a hotel television, for example. In the event that you do not identify with certainty what that device is, press on Sign out of your devices. This unpairs all players and phones at once.

Change the quality of downloads

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

The quality of the downloads influences the space occupied by each episode or movie

HBO Max content can be easily downloaded for offline playback or to reduce mobile data usage. What you probably didn’t know is that there is a way to modify download quality. Just go to settings and tap on downloads. Then tap on Download quality. If you select faster downloads, the weight of the files will be less, as well as the quality. playing on Best Qualityyou will increase the size of the downloaded episodes and movies.

Download content only by Wifi

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

Prevent the app from using mobile data for downloads

And since you are in the section downloads of the settings, take the opportunity to activate the option Download only with Wi-Fi. This will prevent the application from downloading content using the mobile network. It is clear that, if the intention of the downloads is to reduce the use of mobile data, it does not make much sense to use it to download content.

Change the language of the application and the contents

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

Change the language of HBO Max in a few taps

Are you one of those who prefer to see content in the original version? Prefer to use a different language than your device? So, head over to settings and tap on display language. By modifying this value, the audio settings of the content will also be modified.

Explore the catalog by content producer

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

HBO Max brings together the content of various producers. View its contents from the main menu

Something interesting in the HBO Max application is that it has several producers that provide content. This allows you to watch content from HBO, Max Originals, Warner Brothers, DC, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo and friends, and Cartoonito. But is it possible to see the content of each brand? The truth is that yes, and in a very simple way.

Just click on the three horizontal lines that appear in the upper left corner of the screen. So, in the main menu, select the producer you prefer. Quickly, all its contents will appear.

Start a random play

8 tricks for the HBO Max mobile app

With this button you can start playing a random episode of a series. It is available only in those that are conducive to having a good time without following the plot thread

In HBO Max they have determined that there are some series that most users come back to watch to have a good time. For this reason, a button appears on them. Shuffle Playback. By pressing it, the application will select an episode of any season at random and start playing it. This button is available in series like Friends or The Office.


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