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A closer look at the Xiaomi car thanks to its first real photos

Discover more details of its headlights and wheels, as well as a more realistic overview of the car.

A closer look at the Xiaomi car thanks to its first real photos
First real images of the Xiaomi SU7

After many months of waiting, yesterday what we were all waiting for became official: Xiaomi has presented its first electric car. Even though it was caught traveling at more than 200 km/h on Chinese roads a little over a month ago, and we have seen many details yesterday, We finally have the first real photos of the Xiaomi SU7.

This is the Xiaomi SU7 up close and without filters

Since it was announced yesterday, we have had time to learn its specifications by heart and, of course, to find out about How much will it cost and when can you buy the Xiaomi car?. However, Are the photographs we have seen totally faithful to reality? There is no need for us to continue speculating, because we have the first real images of the Xiaomi SU7.

The photographs have been shared by Lei Jun on their X account, and they show the Chinese company’s new car in a closer way, without having passed through the hands of numerous editing and marketing experts. In fact, we can appreciate more details of the headlights and wheels, plus a much more realistic overview of the Xiaomi SU7.

The founder and CEO of Xiaomi himself wrote when sharing these images that “XiaomiSU7 is causing a stir on Xiaomi Campus”where said exhibition was held. Furthermore, we are lucky to be able to appreciate the three colors available: Aqua Blue (blue), Mineral Gray (gray) and Verdant Green (green)to satisfy everyone’s tastes. The blue model usually sweeps the polls, but which of them is your favorite?

On the other hand, the company’s executive director has not wasted the opportunity to advertise twice, since The images have been taken with a Xiaomi 13 Prowhich makes its watermark very clear. In his latest posts, shared just a few hours ago, he also comments that the Xiaomi 14 series and the Watch S3 match the green and blue models of the car.

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