Home Latest Feeds Technology News A construction company has produced a snowmobile monster from the Cybertruck

A construction company has produced a snowmobile monster from the Cybertruck

A construction company has produced a snowmobile monster from the Cybertruck


Video of the rebuilding process.

If you’ve been following the news about Tesla’s Cybertruck in recent weeks, you’ve probably already heard about the tracked snowmobile that’s based on Tesla’s pickup, which is hurtling through the rocky mountains of Colorado. The team that gained notoriety for creating the “monster baby” released a video yesterday of how they modified the truck.

The owner of the Cybertruck, who goes by the Instagram account Supercar Ron, is a car collector who lives in Utah. Among the most impressive pieces of the obsessed fan are the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, and the Porsche 911 Dakar.

Recently, he managed to renew a Foundation Series Cybertruck among the enviable pieces, which he commissioned Sparks Motors to transform. The well-known construction startup primarily deals with the customization of diesel vehicles, but they could not say no to such a challenge.

Sparks Motors designed heavy-duty snowshoes for Tesla’s heyday, hence the name Cybertrax. They didn’t have an easy time with the electric-powered monster. They had to modify the suspension to make room for the tracks.

Cybertrax failed on both the first and second test runs. On the first test lap, the factory-fitted front handlebar broke like a piece of twig. According to Dave Sparks of Sparks Motors, the part was too thin and structurally unstable.

On the second test lap, a bolt connecting the rear steering rod to the wheels broke. So Sparks Motorsos had to turn off the rear steering gear. In addition, the steering arms were strengthened and stronger shock absorbers were installed for proper operation. Custom bumpers and wishbones were also installed to strengthen the structure.

Surprisingly, Tesla was extremely enthusiastic about the works, and they confirmed their support for the company working on the transformation. Finally, Sparks Motors specialists added a few visual elements to the finished work: Baja Designs’ high-performance lights and snow-patterned camouflage foil made the end result more convincing.



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