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A gigantic space structure challenges everything we knew about the Universe

This megastructure should not exist based on our current knowledge

A gigantic space structure challenges everything we knew about the Universe
The discovery could not be more surprising | Image: University of Lancashire

Talking about space always leads us to think that we are facing a science fiction film. To a large extent, because the scientific knowledge that exists about the outside of our planet is broader every day and transports us to the premises of this type of cinema. This poses a very interesting precedent and has even helped to theorize about if we live in a simulation. However, in this case that is irrelevant since a researcher and her team have discovered a cluster of galaxies that should not exist if our model of knowledge of the Universe is as accurate as we thought.

The theory of The big ring that defies everything

A team of astronomers from the University of Lancashire led by Alexia López has discovered a colossal structure in the distant universe that changes all the rules we knew about the evolution of the Universe. The structure has been named The big ring (The great ring) because it is an almost perfect ring of galaxies which measures 1.3 billion light years in diameter. Its discovery has been a challenge since its existence traveled in light that has traveled for 6.9 billion years. The discovery has been presented at the 243rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society and his presentation can be seen in the following YouTube video.

The main problem is that The big ring does not coincide with any known structure or training mechanism, which means that the scientific society would have to rethink the current model of cosmic formation to accommodate these types of findings. Furthermore, this discovery is linked to the giant bow (Giant Arch), another gigantic arch-shaped structure that Lopez found in the past. This makes neither of them easy to explain by the current model and that we need a change to make sense of it.

Currently, structures of these characteristics had been linked to something called Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO). However, The big ring It is not a BAO, since these have a fixed size of around 1 billion light years in diameter, so the shape of this new discovery does not coincide exactly with it. If we base ourselves on current knowledge that indicates that any part of space should look like the restThis discovery is putting him completely in check and it is difficult to know what exactly is this structure.

The creation of both structures could be something purely fortuitous, having originated in this way in a totally unexpected way. However, López considers that this cannot be the case in any case, since it is necessary that there be some kind of model to explain this situation.

In short:

  • A team of researchers has found a ring-shaped galactic formation that should not exist.
  • It challenges the model of cosmological formation that exists today.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to understand what it is about so that we can close this gap in our knowledge about the Universe.

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