EntertainmentA grand celebration for Shivaji among 40,000 people...Jayalalitha's relief

A grand celebration for Shivaji among 40,000 people…Jayalalitha’s relief


His first film was Parashakti. Just hearing the name is not just a thrill. He is none other. Actor Thilakam Sivaji Ganesan. Many people said that he will not be involved in the new act. But in the very first film, she got fame by acting in Summa Nachu.

All Shivaji’s films gave rise to his various performances. Everyone looked at Shivaji wondering if there was anyone else like him.

If that is the case then imagine how much hard work Shivaji would have given to the screen world. A big ceremony was held in Tamil Nadu when he received the Chevaliye award. Let’s see what AVM film director Saravanan has to say about this.



Actor Thilakam Sivajiganesan is the dream of the acting world. That’s why he got France’s prestigious Chevalier Award.

It is the pride of the Indian film world. People like director K. Balachandar came to me and asked for my cooperation to hold a felicitation ceremony for Shivaji for receiving this high award.

I was going to Delhi then. I met the French Consul there. I was talking to him about Chevalier Award and Shivaji. He showed me the award.

And not only that, but let this be yours. He said I will buy it when I come to Chennai and present it to Mr. Shivaji. We went and saw the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to make this ceremony on a grand scale.


Ex.CM Jayalalitha

He immediately agreed to attend the function and talked to AC Muthiah and bought us the MA Chidambaram Cricket Ground for the function.

Around 40,000 people had gathered and the ceremony was held on a grand scale. Shivaji’s fans from other places came in vans and buses.

The Tamil film world gathered and participated. When the French ambassador, Chevalier, presented the award to Shivaji, there was much applause.

Sivaji 2 1

Sivaji 2

It was at that function that the Prime Minister announced the renaming of T. Nagar South Pok Road as Sewaliye Sivajiganesan Road.

Sevaliye Award

Sevaliye Award

We presented a silver idol to Shivaji as a love gift, just like Veera Shivaji in Bombay. The idol is still safe in the Mother House.

We also held a felicitation ceremony on his 60th birthday. Art Director Ganga arranged a gift in the form of a lotus. We did that Kaniyazhi in 61 Sawarans. A procession also took place on that day.

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