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A Hungarian IT development promises a versatile smart colleague

A Hungarian IT development promises a versatile smart colleague


The virtual assistant named RoboDoc can be easily trained to support internal work processes and perform repetitive tasks.

Communication with our own internal knowledge base without language restrictions – this is what the Budapest-based Hiflylabs solution promises, which can be used, among other things, for customer service functions, code writing, content production or research work. The customers of the generative AI-based development of the largest Hungarian-owned company providing business intelligence services are primarily players in the healthcare sector, financial institutions and financial service providers, including Billingo Technologies Zrt.

In the past year, the so-called LLM technologies (Large Language Models), i.e. the large language models on which the operation of ChatGPT is based, for example, have undergone significant development. A much higher level of communication accuracy and language understanding was achieved in their case, on which more advanced solutions and business services can be built. This is the aim of the generative AI-based development of one of Hungary’s leading data consultants, Hiflylabs, with the help of which customers can get a virtual assistant that can be instructed with free text instructions, which can keep the company’s entire knowledge base in mind and find an answer to almost any question in seconds instead of long research work . The solution is currently used primarily in the fields of finance, research, development or company management, but it can also be used in countless additional roles, for example as a customer service employee.

Dubbed RoboDoc, the virtual assistant can be easily trained to support internal workflows and perform repetitive tasks such as analyzing large amounts of data and documents. Her special field is healthcare, where she helps administration and healing activities by processing patient records and various test results. In the customer service function, customers can give him direct instructions (administration) and request data from him regarding the services ordered. In addition to the above, the virtual assistant can support development work (with code writing, code optimization), inventory management, graphic design, optimization of company management processes and content production.

The operation of RoboDoc is basically based on the processing, interpretation and analysis of company databases and knowledge bases (business data, statistics, documents, images and audio materials). Simple communication with own data is made possible by the use of large language models (LLM).

The Hiflylabs developers are currently working on several parallel projects on behalf of various clients, which are currently at the beta version level. The first delivered virtual assistant is expected to “start working” at the beginning of 2024, but it has been available to a narrow group of users for testing purposes since the summer, barely half a year after the release of ChatGPT.

Among the customers is Billingo Technologies Zrt., whose online invoicing system will soon function as a real assistant with the support of RoboDoc. “At Billingó, we are creating a tool for businesses that turns our online invoicer into a practically full-fledged employee. With its help, users will be able to ask their company anything, give instructions to carry out tasks, or request forecasts and analyses. All this based on their own company data and documents in text and voice-controlled form. This makes obtaining business information and managing the business ten times faster,” said Albert Sárospataki, CEO of Billingo, in connection with the project.

According to Szabolcs Biró, the member of Hiflylabs management responsible for analytical topics, the value of RoboDoc is that companies make their own internal data assets much more accessible. “Since the appearance of chatGPT, it has become more and more common to talk to artificial intelligence and ask it questions. We show you how to turn it into a useful colleague who works under your control. The Hiflylabs virtual assistant is like a smart, always available and a junior colleague who works amazingly fast. Using generative AI, we can ask him any question, formulate any instructions regarding our own data and knowledge assets. At the same time, it is worth keeping the leash short, since the answers must be supervised due to the peculiarities and limitations of the technology, the models cannot be leave them alone,” said the specialist.



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