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A Hungarian robot appears in the restaurants of office buildings

A Hungarian robot appears in the restaurants of office buildings


Special machinery represents a new opportunity in terms of environmentally conscious operation of workplaces.

The toolbox of companies committed to sustainable solutions is expanded by the multi-award winning, domestically developed CompoBot, which uses the biologically generated in office buildings decomposable waste, food scraps composting and recycling in an eco-friendly way. ICON Real Estate Management, which operates many ‘A’ category office buildings, supported the robot-developing startup in the pre-production phase in order to show its tenants a new opportunity in environmentally conscious office operations.

An office community of 50-100 people can fill the replaceable capsule of the domestically developed waste processing robot, CompoBot, in roughly one or two weeks. The robot produces roughly 20 kilograms of ecologically valuable CompoMIX, the nutrient essence of humus, from fifty liters of organic waste, typically consisting of food scraps. This innovation offers an effective solution to many companies that pay special attention to sustainability and protecting the environment, so ICON Real Estate Management was one of the first in Hungary to vote its trust in the waste processing robot, even in the development phase of the prototype.

With the help of CompoBot, useful nutrients are created from food waste (Photo: ICON Real Estate Management)
With the help of CompoBot, useful nutrients are created from food waste (Photo: ICON Real Estate Management)

CompoBot started operating in the kitchen of the ICON office building in December 2022 and has been rapidly growing in popularity since then. With its help, employees can dispose of the leftovers of meals and other, until now, for lack of a better solution, arising during office life. valuable organic waste “landing” in a communal binsuch as vegetable or fruit residues, fallen leaves of office plants, or even coffee grounds, can be returned to the urban green environment in the form of nutrients.

This creates a real community sustainability cooperation, where the office operator, the service provider that operates the robots and the users of the office space not only make their operations more environmentally friendly, but also actively contribute to the spread of ecological circular farming and improve the health of the urban environment.

At ICON, we consider it very important to leave behind a livable world for our children and grandchildren. Therefore, when we learned about the concept of Compocity, we didn’t think long, we already ordered the composting robot when it was still in the development phase, thereby contributing to the perfection of CompoBot. Based on our experience, we have the opportunity to gain knowledge about how it is possible to incorporate the solution into the operation of the houses we manage. CompoBot also helps us in community building, since thanks to the application connected to it, we can monitor not only on an individual level, but also on a company level, how much compost ICON’s robot produced and to what extent we have contributed to reducing the environmental impact of our office and feeding various plants

– said Gábor Nagy, managing director of ICON.

The composting robot operating in the ICON office building, which employs more than 100 people, was apparently quickly loved by the workers and maintained very well: in the first three months of its operation, it “ate” so much food scraps that it processed and contributed to the production of 210 kg of compost, and the amount is increasing month by month . With all of this, they managed to avoid the emission of a significant amount of greenhouse gases, but perhaps it is more sensitive if we translate it into plant plantings: such a large amount provided enough nutrients to plant up to 70 trees or even more than 2,000 pansies.

Compocity also takes advantage of the opportunity: starting this year, in collaboration with civil organizations, it wants to actively participate in weekly tree planting programs in Budapest, in which they also try to involve communities composting with CompoBots.

CompoBot is currently operating in the offices of seven large companies with great success. Based on the experiences gained by already operating robots, the developing Hungarian startup is aiming for series production, which can start as early as the second half of this year. After that, they plan to deploy about 100 devices by the end of the year, and according to their plans for international expansion, about 500 CompoBots may be used in the next two years, which can prevent the release of as much CO2 greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the environmental pollution of 4.8 million kilometers of air travel. Already in January 2020, Compocity won the “Most Improved Startup” award, and in June 2022, in Birmingham, it also received the “Scale & Connect” tech award.

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