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A lot of PCs could become junk with the end of support for Windows 10 systems – PCW

The situation is much worse than we think.

As has already been revealed previously, Windows 11 is not particularly popular: about 70% of users still voted for Windows 10 operating systems, even though their product support will end on October 14, 2025. Of course, this does not seem particularly problematic at first glance, but there is a much more serious consequence lurking in the background.

The shutdown due in less than two years is a Canalys Research according to their latest research, it means that a fifth of PCs in use could become completely useless simply because they cannot install Windows 11. This is based on their preliminary estimates

means roughly 240 million machines,

including PCs, desktops and notebooks.

The second-hand market can be a solution, but given that even machines in better condition will greatly decrease in value, there is a pretty good chance that these devices will also end up as electronic waste. There is no question that this will put a huge burden on the environment, but it will not even be the most favorable for the wallets of customers, who will essentially be forced to switch.

Manufacturing companies see things similarly. 57% of the companies connected with Canalys believed that one of the main reasons for machine replacements due next year will be the lack of Windows 10 product updates.

By the way, Microsoft has already reported that one works on a subscription model that would deliver updates to previous systems even beyond the expiration datebut how much these will cost will probably only become clear in 2024.

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