Home Latest Feeds Technology News A master’s course in cyber security is being launched at a new university

A master’s course in cyber security is being launched at a new university

A master’s course in cyber security is being launched at a new university


The Széchenyi István University in Győr is starting a gap-filling course, the master’s course “Modern Technologies and Cybersecurity Law” in Hungarian and English from September, for which you can apply until February 15.

István Széchenyi University in his new master’s degree participants obtain a certified modern technology and cyber security legal organizer qualification. Perhaps one figure is enough to demonstrate the raison d’être of the training: according to the FBI’s 2022 report, the economic damage caused by detected and reported cyberattacks is in the order of billions of dollars, and shows a steady, doubling increase every year. These processes are further intensified by today’s geopolitical crises.

“The huge advantage of Széchenyi István University is that its nine faculties cover eleven scientific fields. By synthesizing these, we can accumulate multidisciplinary knowledge that is not possible in many institutions. We have already benefited from this common knowledge in many researches, whether it is digitization, self-driving vehicles or artificial intelligence. about intelligence. We also take advantage of this opportunity in the case of our new course, in which we offer legal, technical and IT knowledge to our students. We do this in Ferenc Deák State and Legal Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Gyula Kautz in Economics, and Csere János Pedagogy , with the cooperation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,” said prof. dr. Péter Smuk, dean of the university’s law faculty.

How not to fall into the trap of the network? – specialists completing the new master’s program of István Széchenyi University, dr. Kelemen Roland, assistant professor at the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Political Science and Law and prof. dr. According to Péter Smuk, the dean of the faculty. (Photo: András Adorján)

Its originator, dr. Kelemen Roland is also assistant professor. “In 2021-22 I participated in an American training course within the framework of the Fulbright scholarship program. Overseas, they have already recognized the importance of having professionals who understand both the IT and legal aspects of the subject available to businesses. This knowledge is increasingly indispensable in state administration, in the field of national security, and in the case of multinational, medium-sized and small enterprises. Those who complete the training can play an important role in the prevention and elimination of problems, but also in their management when they occur.

They know the legal aspects of all of this, so they are able to produce the internal regulations that are increasingly required by international regulations,” he explained the usefulness of the new master’s course. As an example, he mentioned the European Union’s new network security directive (NIS2), which will enter into force in the spring of 2024 and in Hungary approximately 2,600 businesses are directly affected.

Dr. Kelemen Roland highlighted: the training is equally useful for professionals with an IT or technical degree but no legal knowledge, or professionals with a degree in law but less IT expertise, who are useful in practice and are increasingly in demand on the labor market. , they acquire special knowledge. During the training, several topics are covered – for example, digital child protection – which, according to the plans, can later be chosen as an independent short course, and upon completion, a micro-certificate can be obtained.

“Our master’s program offers useful and important knowledge not only domestically, but also globally, which is why we advertise the major in English as well. Cyberspace goes beyond the regulations of the nation-state, so foreign students can also gain valuable knowledge with us,” highlighted prof. dr. Peter Smuk.



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