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a mid-range with periscope and Sony IMX890 sensor

The new realme 12 Pro+ will elevate the photographic section of realme’s mid-range: these are the sensors that will be integrated into the device

The cameras of the realme 12 Pro+, revealed: a mid-range with periscope and Sony IMX890 sensor
The realme 12 Pro+ will be a before and after in photography for realme’s mid-range

Realme’s plans for 2024 involve launching terminals with photographic sections that can compete with proposals from manufacturers such as Samsung or Google. He realme 12 Pro+ is the contender he has prepared for this year and intends to put all his effort into photography, Its cameras have been leaked, revealing its specifications almost completely..

Before talking about the cameras, a brief review of the family that will form this new line of realme devices. The 12 series is made up of the realme 12 Pro and 12 Pro+. There are no details about a terminal without the Pro surname, but it may be launched together with its brothers or separately.

The realme 12 Pro+ will be a photographic beast

Both the realme 12 Pro+ and 12 Pro will use the Sony IMX890 f/1.8 with optical stabilization as the main sensor and will have a focal length equivalent of 24 mm, while the periscopic and zoom sensor will be the OV64B.

Is periscopic sensor destined to be the zoom guy is the same as that of realme GT5 Pro or, at least, that’s what realme indicates. The introduction of a sensor used in the manufacturer’s high-end is another example of its commitment to photography.

What the OV64B offers are 3x optical magnification in portrait mode with an equivalent of 71 mm focal length along with 120 digital magnifications. But this is not the only thing the realme 12 Pro+ has up its sleeve at the zoom level.

The cameras of the realme 12 Pro+, revealed: a mid-range with periscope and Sony IMX890 sensor

Among the strong points of the realme 12 Pro+ is the combination of ultra-wide-angle, main and periscopic sensors. The company intends that make the journey from 0.6 to 6x completely systematic and without loss of image quality, similar to what Apple does with its iPhone.

AI will play an important role in the realme 12 Pro+, with the collaboration with Qualcomm being a key point for this. The MasterShot Algorithm will be in charge of image processingbeing able to generate RAW results at the highest possible quality and offering greater dynamic range.

The company has made clear at the CES in Las Vegas the effort it has put into the development of the realme 12 Pro+ and its interest in competing in the major leagues. This has also influenced the design, being the realme 12 Pro+ designed in collaboration with Rolex.

The cameras of the realme 12 Pro+, revealed: a mid-range with periscope and Sony IMX890 sensor

In the only image that has been seen of the realme 12 Pro+, the color can be seen “Submarine Blue” with a finish that simulates the texture of leather and a gold line that crosses the device from the upper central area to the lower one, surrounding the circular camera module that houses the sensors of this device.

We will still have to wait to be able to meet the realme 12 Pro+ in person. The presentation event is scheduled for January of this year, but there is still no specific day on the table. It is possible that it will be at the end of this month of JanuaryIn any case, we will be attentive to your presentation.

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