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A new device has been added to cardiology at the Zalaegerszeg hospital

Care for patients with acute myocardial infarction was introduced here for the first time in Hungary with the establishment of a 24-hour catheter laboratory.

The equipment park of the Zala Vármegyei Szent Rafael Hospital has been expanded with a new angiographic X-ray device serving heart attack patients, replacing the previous equipment. As is known, the cardiology department of the hospital started its operation just 30 years ago, which, together with heart surgery, is one of the leading specialties of the Zalaegerszeg institution with the highest level of care classification. The well-trained specialists of the department are extremely receptive to innovations and the introduction of new procedures, for example, they were the first in Hungary to introduce the care of patients with acute myocardial infarction with the establishment of a 24-hour catheter laboratory.

Doctors perform around two thousand cardiac catheterization examinations every year, but the previous angiographic X-ray machine was worn out after 17 years, broke down more and more frequently, and its software could no longer be updated. The exchange was approved by the main Directorate of the National Hospital and the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry provided almost HUF 300 million in support for the investment.

In order to receive the new generation angiographic X-ray, the floor had to be rebuilt in the laboratory, and after the installation of the equipment, a radiation protection permit from the National Atomic Energy Agency was also required.

Medical director Géza Lupkovics, chief physician of the cardiology department, said about the new equipment that is already in operation: technically, it significantly exceeds the properties of the previous device. The huge screen shows the condition of the coronary arteries in excellent quality, which determines what treatment the patient requires.

Some people end up in heart surgery, and in other patients, the dilation of the coronary artery is started immediately, but sometimes only drug treatment is needed. A very important factor for both patients and staff is that, thanks to the new digital technology, examinations can be carried out with much less exposure to X-rays. Moreover, thanks to the modern means of treating heart attack and heart failure, it was possible to significantly reduce death due to heart attack in Hungary in recent years.

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