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A new MacBook Pro will be revealed at WWDC 2021 says Prosser

A new MacBook Pro will be revealed at WWDC 2021 says Prosser

16-inch MacBook Pro displaySource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

Rumors circulating new MacBooks have been abundant lately. From rumors of a new colorful MacBook Air to rumors of a new MacBook Pro, there’s been a lot of focus on Macs leading up to WWDC 2021. Today, the ever-leaking Jon Prosser has “confirmed” that a new MacBook Pro is on the way.

In an exchange on Twitter, Prosser retweeted an article from AppleTrack that made speculations that hints to new MacBooks being introduced at WWDC may have been hidden in the promotional materials for the event. Prosser simply added: “i can confirm macbook pro is coming”.

Prosser’s record on leaks has been pretty impressive, so it’s really hard not to get excited at such strong wording from him. He did give any details on what the rumored new MacBook Pros would look like or what features they would have, but other Macbook Pro rumors have been swirling around for months now.

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Back in January, both Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman talked about multiple big changes coming to the Macbook Pro, which included new sizes, a new M-series chip from Apple, the return of MagSafe to the Mac, and even the elimination of the Touch Bar.

While there’s absolutely no way of knowing for sure if any of these rumors or leaks are true, we don’t have to wait long to find out. WWDC 2021 starts Monday, June 7 with a keynote presentation. If there’s a new MacBook Pro to see, that’s surely when Apple would reveal it.

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