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A Perfect Time: Certain things taken away by life are returned to us at a Perfect Time (And the years went by… Book 1)

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‘A little more straight-forward than normal’ sort of schoolgirl.
An unwanted, unfortunate, insignificant occurrence in her life is featured by her encounter with Kavya, who not only transforms her own self but also her life. Both of them are bound to each other by threads of love and gratitude in a strong, unforgettable friendship. An year full of uncountable refreshing talks, loads of beautiful memories, handful of divine sermons, a couple of treats passes. But, hey…… hold on. The water in the lake is not as crystal-clear as it seems. Things have forced Megha to suspect a connection between Kavya’s family and her mother. But before she could manage to dig anything out, everything comes to a sudden halt. Kavya stops answering her calls. She misses her last paper. And as if this was less, Megha finds her house locked. Kavya’s mysterious exit is followed by drastic changes in Megha’s life.
Fourteen years had passed since she last saw her. Somewhere in the corner of her heart she feels as if the iron bar which had lost his magnetism would be regaining it back now. Will her life listen her heart and return her something which it had taken fourteen years ago?



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