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A regional development fund is being created – Computerworld

A regional development fund is being created – Computerworld


Independent development programs are needed for functional urban areas.

The government is creating a regional development fund for the implementation of urban and catch-up developments, said the state secretary responsible for territorial development. Gábor Mayer added in his presentation at the meeting of mayors and clerks of the Somogy county that regional development offices will be established in the county seats in 2024, and the fund will be replenished from Hungarian sources in 2025.

The fund is needed because functional urban areas need independent development programs. The county programs, the Regional and Urban Development Operative Program (TOP) and TOP Plusz, operate within an unchanged framework.

The state secretary pointed out that the significant economic development of the past ten years has not reduced the differences between certain regions, or between Budapest and the countryside, that the big cities do not “pull” the backward regions, but rather absorb the population. The country’s migration balance over the past thirty years in the agglomeration of the capital, Central Hungary and Central Transdanubia is positive, while the population of county seats and medium-sized cities is decreasing. At the same time, a significant part of Hungary belongs to the functional catchment area of ​​cities – he noted.

He also touched on the fact that there are border and internal peripheral regions in Hungary. Among them, he mentioned the area containing some parts of Fejér, Tolna, Somogy and Baranya counties, as well as the Marcal valley, whose problems are similar to the areas along the eastern border. In order to catch up with these areas, independent programs are also needed.

Almási Győző, the deputy state secretary responsible for official affairs, explained, among other things, that although the electronic death certificate was introduced two years ago, 30-40 percent of them are still issued on paper. According to the plans, the paper-based certificate will be phased out completely in 2024.

He also reported that a HUF 16 billion project funded by the Public Administration and Public Service Development Operative Program, which aims to develop the electronic real estate registry, will end on November 30. The complete transition to e-registry is planned for the beginning of December 2024, he said.

Gábor Oláh, the deputy state secretary responsible for the implementation of regional development programs, said that 104 of the TOP projects ending at the end of the year were nominated for “cancellation” worth HUF 27 billion, and 184 projects with a total value of HUF 80 billion were classified as risky, the implementation of the latter extending to 2024.

Three new calls for local human development, public education infrastructure and active tourism were published in September within the framework of TOP Plusz. The news about the arrival of EU funds does not and will not affect local governments in the future, because the budget finances projects in advance.



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