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Accessing ChatGPT – PCW will soon be much easier

Accessing ChatGPT – PCW will soon be much easier


OpenAI cancels a previous limitation regarding chatbots based on artificial intelligence.

Roughly a year and a half has passed since OpenAI made available its artificial intelligence text generator, ChatGPT, which copes with virtually any task, and since then the service has expanded nicely, as paid packages offering extra functions first appeared, and for some time now users unique chatbots created by soon they can earn money their makers.

Although the chatbot is basically free, until now the developer stipulated that you can only access it with a registered account, but now we can finally say goodbye to this restriction.

OpenAI recently announced in a blog post, that as of April 1, the registration obligation will be abolished, starting with a few regions in the first round, and then gradually expanding the simplified access to all markets. In the new system, interested parties will only need to visit the ChatGPT website or start the mobile client, and the chat can begin.

Surprisingly, OpenAI also allows unregistered users to turn off conversation monitoring in Settings, so if we don’t want to, we don’t have to agree to train the GPT large language model that drives the service with the data collected in our chats.

At the same time, the developers draw attention to the fact that there will still be an advantage to registered profiles, since only with them can we save our chat history, share our conversations and unlock extra functions such as voice-based command input or support for individual instructions.

At the time of writing our article, registration-free access was not yet available in Hungary, but according to OpenAI’s promise, it will eventually be the case in all 185 supported countries.



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