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Actors who fought hard to get the 3rd place in the 80s!.. Do you know who won?..

In the 80s, there was a tough competition in the Tamil film world to take the 3rd position after Rajini and Kamal.

Both Vijayakanth and Mohan fought hard for the spot. Like Rajini, Mohan hails from Karnataka. All the Mohan films became super hits with Ilayaraja’s music. At the same time Ilayaraja also composed many tunes for Vijayakanth. But Mohan could not compensate. The reason is that Mohan has won a place among the people by acting in many films as a singing artist. At that time Karthik, Sathyaraj, Prabhu and many others were still popular.

Mohan gave his best performance in Maunaragam directed by Mani Ratnam. Revathi says touching Mohan is like touching a caterpillar. Mohan’s performance was also amazing. But Karthik and Revathi combination worked out. Balumakendra Kamal made Kokila in Kannada with Mohan. This is Mohan’s first film.

If any director gives a hit with Mohan they forget him and turn to Kamal and Rajini. Like Mohan, Ramarajan disappeared from the Tamil film world.


But it was Vijayakanth who remained at the 3rd position till the 90s. He also introduced many heroes. All the songs in the Mohan Amala co-starrer Mellath Opthu Dooor were super hits. This was Mohan’s last blockbuster hit. It was released in 1986. Radha, Amala, Vishu, Kamala Kamesh, Senthil, Nambiar, Charlie and many others have acted.

The film was directed by R. Sundararajan. This film has music composed by MS Viswanathan and Ilayaraja. Va Vannila, Seeking Eye View, Dil Dil Dil, Kuzhaloodum Kannan, Uru Sanam, Chakra Kattiku, Va Vannila, whatever song you listen to, it is a honey drop. The first favorite song on the radio at that time was Kuzhaloodum Kannan from this film.

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