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Actors who played minor roles in films and are popular today – a look


No matter how high you go, you have to start from the bottom. Only then will the place be stable.

This also applies to cinema. Many of today’s top actors are small roles in their early days. Let’s see the list of who they are…

SJ Surya

An actor and director, he has carved a niche for himself in the Tamil film world. Ajith directed two films named Vaali and Khushi and became popular among Vijay fans. He has acted as the protagonist in films like Aa…ah, New, Jayaari, Ishai and as a villain in the Simbu-starrer Kanpura.

SJ Surya

SJ Surya in Netthi Adi

He will be seen in a scene as a junior artiste in the movie Nethyadi directed by Pandiyarajan. Similarly, he will appear in a scene as an auto driver in the movie Aasi, directed by Vasant and starring Ajith Kumar.


A superstar among actresses. She appeared in the recently released film Ponniin Selvan and received unanimous praise from the fans.



His films are mostly super hits. Actress Trisha will play the role of actress Simran’s friend in Jodi.

Mirchi Shiva

Mirchi Siva is fondly called as Universal Superstar by his fans. He is famous among the fans for acting in Tamil Padam and Tamil Padam 2.

Mircy siva

Mirchy siva

He was well received by the fans due to his unique comedy dialogues and came from VijayTV’s Lollu Saba. 12B will appear in a scene in the film.

Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay sethupathi in puthupettai

Vijay sethupathi in Puthupettai

Now the mass hero and villain is Vijay Sethupathi. His monstrous villain performance in Vikram captivated the audience. He appeared as a villain in the Vijay-starrer Master.

He started with small screen serials and acted in small roles in many films like Puduppettai, Naan Mahaan Alla, Bale Pandya, Lee, Vanilla Kabadi Team, Sundarapandian.


kokarakokarako song gilli

Vimal in kokarakokarako song Gilli

Actor Vimal made his debut as an ordinary hero and rose to the rank of a perfect hero. His films include Basanga, Kalavani, Waagai Chuda Vaa which are super hit films.

He owns a carefree performance. Actor Vimal played Vijay’s friend in the film Gilli. She has also acted in Ajith starrer Kreedam.


Actor and director K. Bhagyaraj is the father of the motherland in the Tamil film world. His films mostly have family story elements.

He is a king of screenwriting. His specialty is creating visuals that are unpredictable.



Bhagyaraj has appeared in a few scenes in his Gurunath Bharathiraja films. In the movie Red Roses, he would come and leave without a sound as a waiter.


Actor and director R. Parthiban has now become Radhakrishnan Parthiban. He made a new path in Tamil cinema and kept his own place.

Parthiban 1


Similarly, Parthiban played the role of a postman in Dhan Gurunath’s film Dhavani Kanamgam.

Parthiban will come and go in a scene in the movie Army Veeran.


samantha 3


He made his film debut in Kaveri, Moscow. Bana has acted in Kathadi, Nan Ee, Kathti, Theri. Actress Samantha will play a supporting role in Vinnai Thandi Varuaya.

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