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Actors who refused to act in the movie ’16 Vayadinile’ thinking that it was bad – Oh, that actor too!..

The biggest turning point in Bharathiraja’s career came at the age of 16. Initially an assistant director, Bharathiraja made his directorial debut with this film. That and the producer of this film, Raj Kannu Neethan is the director of my next film. If you have a story, tell it.

Bharathiraja told him three stories, Raj Kannu has okayed the story of the film at the age of 16. Actor Nagesh and actress Roja Ramaniam were initially selected for this film. Roja Ramani was also playing the role of Nagesh Mayil in the role of Chappani.



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But since Kamal was already well acquainted with Bharathiraja, Bharathiraja insisted Kamal to act in this film. When he told the story of this film to Kamal, he also agreed that he would like it. According to the story of the film, Kamal will have acted as a character in this film who has a dirty appearance and talks with a mouth full of betel leaves at an angle.

That one verse Amma Vayu Kasu Kodu is very popular among fans till date. After saying this, Kamal showed a demo on the spot that he should take off his shirt, put it down, roll it on the ground, step on it with his foot as if he were stepping on sand, and then put on the shirt and put some betel leaves on it and act like this.



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Seeing this Bharathiraja is what I want. He praised you as a good actress. Speaking about this in an interview, Bharathiraja first had to act in the film at the age of 16. Two main actors were also leading actors. Then when they were told about the story and character of this film, they refused to act saying how disgusting it is. But they are still there but not as actors.

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