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Actress Meena’s full property value alone is so much ..? சொக்கிப்போன ரசிகர்கள் ..!

Actress Meena was a leading actress in Tamil cinema in the 90s. He made his debut as a child star with actor Shivaji in the film Hearts. He has acted in many films since then and is known to have a lot of fans.

He has also acted in not only Tamil but also Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Thus it is noteworthy that he has a large fan base in all languages.

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His films like Ejaman, Nattamai, Muthu, Auvaisanmuki, Bharathikannamma, Rhythm, Trishyam have won many awards. He also starred in the recently released film Annatha starring Rajinikanth. He is currently starring in Mohanlal starrer Trishyam 2.

Actress Meena was last married to Vidyasagar in 2009. They both have a beautiful baby girl named Nainika.

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In this case, the total property value of actress Meena is only about Rs. It has been reported that it will be 35 crore.

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