• For Android, the Effective Downloader:
  • Simultaneous downloading  up to three files from the internet;
  • accelerated download by means of multithreading (9 parts)
  • Connections from android browsers and clipboard interception;
  • Download history files, and resume after failure;
  • Image, Text, Archive and Software loader;
  • To download Lollipop and Marshmallow SD-card;
  • Smart algorithm to improve download speed;
  • Just uploading via Wi-Fi internet;
  • Boost 2 G, 3 G and 4 G network downloaders;
  • Overall velocity change in real time;
  • video downloader and downloader of music;
  • to restore broken downloads;
  • Allow files greater than 2 gigabytes in length;
  • To download files in queue in parallel.

 Torrent Downloader:

  • Adding torrent and magnet via Editor, clipboard, browser, and explorer file;
  • Selection of the files and folders needed, show of their size and type, search by name, sorting;
  • You can philtre Torrents and Seeds from the right menu;
  • In the Fast Options menu on the left, in Settings a new Torrent section with all sorts of options;
  • Properties window displays torrent information, Site Manager supports the torrent profiles;
  • The Force Search and Announce commands are available for Running Torrents in the context menu;
  • When seeding torrents in context menu allow Seeding All and Seeding commands are available, Upload speed adjustment.

Advanced Parameters:

  • Customisation interface and themes;
  • Pick the Downloaded Files folder;
  • Various automated actions after completion;
  • Save various file types in various folders;
  • Creates an empty file to speed up download;
  • Autostop, if battery charging is low;
  • Import to SD-card list of links from a text file;
  • Autoresume on error and link break;
  • Planning right time to start downloading;
  • Turbo upload mode for fast download;
  • Having a file size and a lovely name;
  • Backup Downloads and Settings list;
  • Profiles for each relation type;
  • Automatic on-schedule operation;
  • Support for fast installation of autoadd.

Clean User Interface:

  • Light construction of the materials;
  • Filter by status and types;
  • Menu to the left with fast options;
  • Easy-to – manage background menu;
  • Downloads sorted by order, size and name;
  • Via favourite apps, open completed files;
  • Downloading Information: speed, size, time;
  • Keep pause, resume, restart downloads;
  • Build sophisticated site profiles;
  • For each download, fine-tuning;
  • Home Screen widget.

Notifications Extended:

  • Notification panel icon with progress and speed;
  • Transparent progress bar on all windows at the top;
  • Notification of completion by sonority and vibration.

ADM Browser built in:

  • Multiple Tabs Support;
  • Advanced downloader for Media;
  • Background and bookmark lists;
  • Simple to submit downloader file;
  • Mp3 to import from popular archives;
  • Mp4-video interception from tubes;
  • A quick downloader for all file types;
  • The Social Networking Accelerator download;
  • ‘User-Agent’ choice for browser forgery.

Quick download-control:

  • In order to start / stop the process, click on the download;
  • To open the register, click on the completed download;
  • Long click Download to see the background menu.

Add links to URLs in ADM:

  • Click the connect and pick ADM Editor from the “Full action using” window;
  • Click “Share” or “Send” and pick the ADM Editor from the “Share through” window to view the context menu;
  • Copy the link from the clipboard and send it to the ADM Editor after the programme is intercepted, or use the “Add” button and paste the link.

For you, ADM is the best android download boss!

ADM reveals commercials. Advanced Download Manager Pro to disable transactions.

The Advanced Download Manager does not, under the rules, endorse YouTube.

Advanced Download Manager [ Mod ] – Technical info

Before you start Download Advanced Download Manager[mod] APK , you can read the info below:
• Full App Name: Advanced Download Manager
• Android Versions supported: 4.4 and up
• APK File Name: Advanced Download Manager[mod]
• APK Size: 13 MB