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After almost two decades, we will finally see 28 years later

New sequel or the beginning of a trilogy?

After almost two decades, we will finally see 28 years later
Cillian Murphy fresh out of bed

one of our zombie movies favorites, that of infectedOK, 28 days laterwill finally have one new continuation. In 2002 this film was released in which Cillian Murphy would get the recognition that she deserves, and a few years later, in 2007, she would do the same. 28 weeks later. The logic invited us to think that later we would have 28 months laterbut It was never like this.

Nor will it be, because what will come after all this time will be 28 years laterWe don’t know if it will be a single film or it will be narrated in trilogy formas they point out first information. danny boyleTrain locationSlumdog Millionaire) and Alex Garland, director and screenwriter of 28 days later respectively, are already working on itand in fact they are offering it to different studios and platforms to be able to start production sooner rather than later.

It is expected that Boyle directs the first installment if it is finally a trilogy, and that each of the films has an approximate budget of 75 million of dollars.

28 days later

One of the great moments of paradigm shift in zombie terror came with 28 days laterby Danny Boyle. Here, zombies follow the basic principles of the insatiable undead (they want to kill you, a bite from them will infect and assimilate you, etc.), but these monsters they run towards you at full speed like demented hyenas. The return of the living deadfrom 1985, may have been ahead of this movie with the speedsters, but 28 days later turned it into a fashion.

Yes, fast zombies became the new wave of terror. You were no longer surrounded by slow, wandering creatures, no hordes of sleepwalkers, now it was like being chased by a gang of maniacs.

Our growing anxiety about infectious diseases inspired this malicious film about a rabies virus from a secret laboratory exposed to the public. Starring Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Brendan Gleeson and Christopher Eccleston, 28 days later It is the post-apocalyptic perfection that would rekindle the flames of then dying zombie genre and would create new reasons to be terrified. He was especially influenced by the idea of ​​a hospitalized character who wakes up after a month and discovers that the entire world collapsed in such a short space of time (something that would be echoed The Walking Dead when Robert Kirkman started the comic in 2003).

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