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Ágnes Diószegi: Our goal is to make public transport even more attractive and competitive

Ágnes Diószegi: Our goal is to make public transport even more attractive and competitive


BudapestGO won the award for the best application of the year 2023. The Hungarian Marketing Association chose the self-developed application of the Budapest Transportation Center as the best out of 21 applications. We asked Ágnes Diószegi, the deputy general manager of customer relations and sales at the Budapest Transport Center, about the development, results and future goals.

Among the categories of the “Website of the Year” award, as in previous years, the E-commerce, Service, B2B websites, as well as the Application of the Year and Tourism categories were the most popular. A total of 287 applications were submitted to the competition, and BudapestGO won the first prize out of 21 applications in the “Application of the Year” category. BKK’s goal with the application is to make the lives of people traveling in the capital city even easier in the future with additional convenience functions and expanded digital services, as well as to increase the share of sustainable digital tickets in ticket and season ticket purchases.

ComputerTrends: What does the recognition mean for the company, especially that there were so many entries in the given category?
Ágnes Diószegi: We are very happy, because in addition to the fact that the continuous increase in the number of users is a clear feedback for us that we are on the right track, passengers love and regularly use BudapestGO, this award is also an important professional confirmation. We are proud that a jury of renowned professionals chose BudapestGO as the best application of the year.

CT: Is this also in line with users’ opinions?
Ágnes Diószegi: We constantly monitor and analyze user feedback. BKK’s representative customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2023 shows, for example, that almost all public transport users, 94 percent, have heard of the application, and 93 percent of regular users are satisfied with the application. The number of active users of BudapestGO is constantly increasing: on average, we can talk about 1.2 million users per month. A total of 1.8 million people have already registered, and more than 4.4 million people have downloaded the application. Customers plan 4 million routes per month in the application, and since the introduction of BudapestGO, public transport users have traveled with a total of more than 10 million digital line tickets. The application is also becoming increasingly popular among pass users, 34 percent of adult passes and 40 percent of student passes are used by passengers on their smartphones, and the popularity of the application is also shown by the fact that almost 40 percent of BKK’s occasional ticket sales come from digital tickets.

CT: What kind of feedback do you receive from them and through which channel?
Ágnes Diószegi: We receive a lot of feedback on various channels, which we constantly collect and analyze, for which we are very grateful to the users. Of course, we also take into account the needs related to the development of the service, because we know that this way the application will be even more customer-friendly and easy to use.

We receive feedback digitally primarily within the application: for example, if the user shakes his phone, a form is displayed, but the More/Can we help? this interface is also available to anyone from the menu. In addition, we receive feedback on our social media channels (Facebook Messenger, Instagram), as well as through personal and telephone customer service, and passenger coordinators, ticket inspectors and drivers also notify us if they experience a problem or question from passengers.

CT: Applications that, in addition to helping and entertaining the target audience, successfully transfer the elements of online marketing to mobile devices could be nominated in the category. How was this accomplished?
Ágnes Diószegi: We support the application primarily online, in newsletters, with organic social media content (on the BKK Facebook page) and advertisements, and in the case of new functions and developments, we draw attention to the new features of BudapestGO with educational campaigns (video and text content).

CT: This award also recognized innovation, functionality, and the use of clear, modern interfaces. How much emphasis was placed on this during development?
Ágnes Diószegi: It was important to create an application that was able to serve the needs of the users as best as possible in terms of both functionality and transparency, since these two aspects are actually the deciding factor for them in their choice.

When it comes to functionality, we would highlight the digital ticket and pass purchase, with which commuters can buy tickets or passes with a few clicks, anywhere and at any time, without using cash or paper-based tickets. Many people also like the fact that using the widget function, the ticket or pass can be placed on the home screen of the smartphone, so that the application does not even have to be opened in order to show the ticket or pass.

It is also important that in BudapestGO public transport users can find everything they need to travel in the capital and the agglomeration: we make transport easier with integrated, real-time route planning, which in addition to BKK routes, regional Volánbüz routes, MÁV-HÉV and MÁV- It also includes start flights. The list of addresses available in the application was expanded to include additional agglomeration settlements in February this year, so it is now possible to plan a trip from 192 settlements in Budapest’s catchment area. In the application, the MÁV-Start, MÁV-HÉV and Volánbusz routes are also displayed in real time, and the application also accurately displays the pedestrian route required for door-to-door planning.

Predictable traffic is also supported by our in-app forecasts regarding immediate traffic changes, as well as the “planning from the vehicle” function. What’s more, after setting up the “favorites” function, users can also receive push messages about traffic changes affecting flights that are important to them, so they can travel prepared and calculate travel time. BudapestGO is also very useful for cyclists, as we not only provide route planning for cycling trips, but also the free MOL Bubik and important information such as the comfort level of the road surface are available in the application.

CT: Due to its ease of use, the BKK application has become one of the most popular Hungarian-developed applications in Hungary. What advice can you give to domestic companies that are trying to develop their own?
Ágnes Diószegi: We recommend that they assess the needs of their customers and plan the service accordingly. Education is also important, since in addition to the fact that the given product works well, it is necessary to be able to convey the information about its use as simply and clearly as possible.

CT: Supercharge, Telekom System Integration (T-Systems) and realCity participated in the work as partners of the company. How was the development team put together, who was in charge and why?
Ágnes Diószegi: The project was put together by Telekom System Integration (and was also responsible for the development of the sales background), while Supercharge was responsible for the design and application development, and realCity was responsible for the travel planning engine and flight information.

CT: What further development will BudapestGO receive?
Ágnes Diószegi: A number of new functions related to sales and route planning, as well as improvements to improve the general application use, are also planned: for example, the simplification of switching between individual functions, the long-awaited ten-collector ticket (which will soon be available in the application), or first-door flights on the application indication inside.

CT: What is the ultimate goal, can ticket and pass sales become completely digital one day?
Ágnes Diószegi: We are absolutely moving in this direction, even if it is not necessarily a realistic goal in the next 1-2 years. We believe in continuous renewal, as new technologies will be introduced in public transport in 5-10 years, which will raise the user experience to a new level. Our determined goal is to take new and new steps in the field of digital developments, which will make public transport simpler, more attractive and more competitive.

The result of this customer-oriented vision is the launch of BudapestGO, and this approach is strengthened by the introduction of time-based digital tickets, the modernization of the vending machine network, and the introduction of digital tools and solutions that help the work of ticket inspectors. Almost 40 percent of BKK’s ticket sales come from digital tickets, and digital solutions are also becoming more and more popular. These include, for example, Pay&GO, which was already introduced on the M1 metro line last summer (in which ticket purchase and validation takes place in a single movement, and only a bank card or a smart device is required for this), which is already used by approximately 30 percent of passengers on the Budapest airport route use.

We are trying to be at the forefront and improve the experience of public transport, so that more and more people choose diverse forms of transport instead of the car in the future: BKK routes or various micromobility solutions (MOL Bubi, own bicycle, scooter, walking). In addition to bridging distances, city dwellers can also live a more conscious and healthy life.



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