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AirDrop is much better with this novelty that many were crying out for

A novelty that will guarantee success in all transfers made through AirDrop.

AirDrop is much better with this novelty that many were crying out for
iOS 17 has come with interesting new features in AirDrop

Airdrop It was introduced by Apple 10 years ago and since then, it has become the system par excellence for transferring photos, videos, files and more between nearby Apple devices. A system that has improved greatly thanks to iOS 17since new features have been introduced such as name dropwhich allows us to send our contact poster or the possibility of use AirDrop by proximity.

However, Airdrop It had a deficiency: Apple’s transfer system required the devices to be close to complete the sending of photos, videos or files. This meant that if one of the devices involved in a transfer went out of range of the Wi-Fi networkit stopped. However, this has changed.

How to use AirDrop over the Internet

One of the novelties of Airdrop What we saw at the last WWDC 2023, was the possibility of using this function via Interneta way to use AirDrop in any circumstance. Something that puts an end to the situation described a few lines ago and that will be possible thanks to iOS 17.1a version that is in beta phase, but will be released at the latest, next October 24th.

And how will AirDrop transfers work over the Internet? Well, very simple. If we initiate a transfer via AirDrop and for whatever we leave the range of the Wi-Fi networkThe transfer will not be interrupted. Instead of stopping, the device will finish the process through the Mobile data. To use this new feature, the following steps must be followed:

  1. We open the app Settings on our iPhone.
  2. We enter the section General.
  3. We select Airdrop.
  4. In section Out of rangewe activate the option Use mobile data.

By following the previous steps, we will ensure that any shipment through Airdrop ends up being completed. And we don’t have to worry about the efficiency of this new method. Apple has ensured that even though it is through mobile data it is also fast and safe.

Having the assurance that any AirDrop transfer will take place is a big plus in the experience when using Apple’s system. Of these little things iOS 17 that improve the use of devices.

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