Home Entertainment Aishwarya Lakshmi makes you drool!

Aishwarya Lakshmi makes you drool!

Aishwarya Lakshmi makes you drool!



Aishwarya made her debut in Tamil cinema with the film Jagame Tantram starring Lakshmi Dhanush. He impressed the fans with his excellent performance in the very first film.

She acted in films like Action and Aryaun Captain with Vishal. But he got a good role in Ponni’s Selvan directed by Mani Ratnam.

The second part of the film will be released worldwide on 28th. Aishwarya Lakshmi has said that she has a compelling role in this too.

Currently, Aishwarya Lakshmi is going to many places for the promotion of the film. Also, she wears beautiful clothes to attend the event.

He crawls a lot especially wearing sarees. In that way, Aishwarya’s photos in a pink saree in different poses have made the fans go crazy.



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