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Ajith completed the bike trip!.. If you hear what happened, you can make a film!..

Actor Ajith Kumar is one of the leading actors in Tamil cinema. He entered the film industry without any background in cinema and achieved success. He made his debut in Amaravati and acted in 61 films till Thadvu.

Next she will act in a new film under the direction of Majid Thirumeni. The film is titled Diligence. The director is developing the story for the film. Meanwhile, Ajith has been touring on his bike for the past few months. He traveled thousands of kilometers in states including Nepal and Bhutan.


In addition, after arriving at the hotel every night, he chose where to go, how to go, a place where there were no Maoists and he gave the route to his group. Traveling 800 kilometers every day and going to the hotel can be a mess. Also, the clothes he and his crew wear are terribly dirty.

So, instead of letting them through the main gate of the hotel, they will ask you to come through the back gate. Ajith used to go to his room like that every day. Besides, Ajit gets up early every morning and washes his bike with water in his bucket. Also, Ajit washes his dirty clothes every day.


Many interesting incidents have come to light. Ajith, who has finished his bike tour, is ready to listen to the full story of his upcoming film, Vidalita. Syedthirumeni is also involved in the work. The shooting for the film is expected to start soon.

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