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Ajith Horoscope is in my hand! If it releases on this day, the film ‘Vidasali’ will survive – what are you saying?

Vidamuyarchi Movie: Ajith has been a peak actor in Tamil cinema. He is also a favorite actor of many celebrities. Ajith is a bit different when compared to other top actors in Kollywood.

His policies are also different. Currently, Ajith is acting in the film Vidaveli. The whole shooting is going on in Azerbaijan. The first phase shooting is over and the second phase shooting is going on.

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Trisha will be acting opposite Ajith for the fifth time in the film. Generally Ajith – Trisha combo is seen as a zodiac combo and hence this film is also expected to be a hit.

In this situation, a famous astrologer had predicted the trend of cinema and top actors. He also said about Ajith. This astrologer has already predicted by looking at Ajith’s horoscope.

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This means that actors with white complexion especially Ajith will gain more popularity in the coming year. Ajith is the most popular actor among women, so he has plenty of time.

Especially with the release of Vidadhava between March 7th and April 24th, the film will get a huge response. The astrologer said that there is a possibility of a blockbuster hit. Generally, Ajith is a sentimental expectant.

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He prefers to release his film only on Thursdays. Although the film is an action film, he feels that there should be some sentimental scenes in it. Perhaps if the things said by this astrologer go to his ears, he will take steps accordingly.

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