Entertainment"Ajith wanted to make the film a flop"... famous...

“Ajith wanted to make the film a flop”… famous producer accused… is this a new story??


Ajith’s movie “Thunivu” and Vijay’s movie “Varisu” will be released in the theaters tomorrow on the occasion of Pongal Day, fans are eagerly waiting for these movies.

The theaters sold out like a storm. In many theaters, tickets are not available for a week and many people are yearning for it.



Although Ajith’s previous film Valimai was well received at the box office, it did not impress the fans that much. Especially the sentimental scenes of Amma in it were trolled on the internet. The film Valimai received mostly negative reviews.

In this situation, the famous producer and actor GM Sundar has shared an important opinion about the movie “Valimai” in a recent interview.



Actor G. M. Sundar has acted in many movies like “Punnakai Mannan”, “Satya”, “Kadalum Pattut Pogom”, “Makamuni”, “Mandela”, “Charbata Paramparai”, “Valimai”. And now he has played an important role in the movie “Thunivu”.

GM Sundar, who has acted in leading roles in many films, spoke at Appeti, saying, “Valimai is a successful film at the box office. But negative reviews were spread unnecessarily on social media.” He said.

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Market value is important for an actor. It makes a good collection. For me, Mohamad movie is a hit movie. That’s why Ajith-Boney Kapoor-H Vinod came together again in Thadhavu” said GM Sundar in the app.

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