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Ajitha Thandalaye who chased after Vijay!.. Viswasam who sidelined Leo

Viswasam: The Ajith-Vijay rivalry has been going on for the past several years just like the Rajini-Kamal rivalry in the 80s. Both of them have been competing in the film industry for many years. Both of them entered the cinema at some point.

Both did not give big hits in the beginning. Similarly, both of them acted in romantic films for many years and then switched to the action route. When Vijay’s market was strong, Ajith created a fan base for himself by acting in films like Billa and Mangatha.

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Vijay’s strength is his fans. But, Ajith had dissolved his fan club many years back. But he has no shortage of fans. Ajith bravely released his Thadvu film when Vijay’s Vaaris was released for Pongal 2023. It is also said that Thadhavu has collected better than Varis.

Ajith is giving tough to Vijay not only in cinema but also on TV. Viswasam is a film directed by Siruthai Siva starring Ajith and Nayanthara. This film grossed more than Rajinikanth’s Petta which was released at that time. Now Viswasam is making a record on TV as well.

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When first released on Sun TV, Viswasam scored 18.14 TRP. 2nd time got 15.35 marks. 3rd time got 16.12 points. But the recently telecasted movie Leo for Pongal got 16.30 TRPs.

It is said to be lower than the DRP of Viswasama when it was aired for the 4th time. In that sense, it must be said that Vijay has not yet surpassed Ajith.

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